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Mother appeals for help

Reporter's Notebook

Nora Cross and her daughter, Teresa, got a shock Sept. 4 that hasn’t let up yet.

On being examined at Women’s Medical Center here in Clovis, Teresa was told her unborn son has a rare condition in which the left side of his heart — which pumps oxygenated blood to the body — simply isn’t there. The diagnosis of what’s called “hypoplastic left heart syndrome” was confirmed Sept. 22 at the University of New Mexico Medical Center in Albuquerque.

That diagnosis need not be fatal. Nora and Teresa plan to leave Tuesday to fly to Palo Alto, Calif., (near San Francisco), where a skilled surgeon will deliver the baby — whom they’ve named Vincent Casmir — and perform an operation to keep ducts to his heart’s left side open and re-route some veins and arteries in his tiny body so his heart’s right side can do the work of both sides.

Insurance will pay for the surgery and the trip, but it won’t pay for lodging while Nora and Teresa are there. They are seeking contributions from the community to make it possible for them to stay in California throughout Vincent’s delivery and the follow-up operation.

A fund has been established at Wells-Fargo Bank, 223 N. Main St. Those wishing to may make a contribution to “Baby Vincent c/o Nora Cross.” For more information, call Nora Cross at 769-8622.

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