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Civic center money should go for city pay raises


Letters to the editor

The answer to giving our city employees raises and bringing them up with other communities on a better pay scale is simple. It’s right before our eyes, only the city commission does not want the citizens to see it or talk about it.

Take the $1.2 million designated for a civic center, put it into a special account just for pay raises and incentives for city employees and any future funds for this account shall remain in it and be used only for city employees.

We don’t need to raise property taxes or put a mill levy on the ballot, just use these funds designated for the civic center. After all the citizens of this community have voted against a civic center. Certain small groups of persons are trying to push one on us.

Those that forget our city employees are keeping this community together are in for a big surprise if it starts falling apart because of so many quitting and going elsewhere. Remember, our city employees come first over everything else. We need every one of them to take care of our community. We don’t need a civic center or anyone trying to push one on us.

I believe the people have spoken on this and that should be the last word.

Duane E. Jacklin


‘Caring Clovis’ blind to animal problem

It never fails to amaze me the number of calls I receive each week telling me the dog had puppies or the cat had kittens and they can’t find homes for them.

Well duh!

That’s what happens when you have more animals needing homes than homes needing animals! That’s why the city’s animal control department kills so many each week.

How do you fix it? Spay or neuter your pet.

People tell me they can’t take the animals to animal control because they kill them there. Instead, they’ll turn them loose on the country, or put them in a box on the corner.

You tell me, which is more humane — take them to animal control and be killed in a somewhat humane manner, or have them run over, starve to death, or become coyote bait?

On my way home from work recently I pulled one of those loose dogs off the highway. She wasn’t dead yet, but close enough. I stayed with her until she died.

People comment on the caring citizens of Clovis. I just don’t see it.

Darlene Ray



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