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Amendment 2 not answer to problems


Editor’s note: Wednesday is the deadline for receiving letters related to the Sept. 23 elections.

New Mexicans go to the polls on Sept. 23 to vote on a Constitutional amendment to increase the allocation from the state’s Permanent Fund going to education.

I believe changing New Mexico’s state Constitution is not the way to improve our state’s education system.

There has been a lot of talk about how New Mexico teachers need and deserve more money. I agree. My wife, my five sisters, two sisters-in-law and a brother-in-law are all public school teachers and I know the long hours of classroom preparation and work that goes into providing a quality education for our children.

I respect them, and all classroom teachers, for their dedication.

I also know that every time a raise in salary comes their way, it seems there is less money to take home. Coincidental as it may seem, the cost of insurance goes up every time a pay raise is instituted. This is a problem felt by all working New Mexico families.

Would state-wide insurance reform not be a more reasonable and prudent approach to the problem of not enough money in New Mexico households?

New Mexico ranks 28th in the nation on educational spending per child. This is not bad coming from a state ranked 47th in per-capita income. New Mexicans are already paying for their fair share of the educational system.

Please vote against amendment No. 2 on Sept. 23. More money being thrown at the problem is not the answer. Spending money more wisely would be the better approach.

Will Palmer


Tragedy shows

educators’ dedication

Clovis residents need to know the caliber of their educators and I would like to pass this on to them.

The night before school began this year, the husband of one of our second-grade teachers died. This was a difficult time for the whole staff.

Our hearts were burdened for our beloved friend, but the staff put aside its pain to make the first day of school a positive one for the children. The Clovis Municipal Schools counselors and superintendent arrived on campus early that morning to provide support and develop a plan to help the staff handle the tragedy.

E-mails and phone calls from educators across the school district came in to the school full of prayer and availability for support where needed. On the day of the funeral, kindergarten teachers and assistants from across CMS came to Ranchvale to cover classes so the Ranchvale staff could attend the funeral.

Kindergarten children were on a one-week delayed start and teachers were in the screening process, which allowed them to make adjustments to their schedules. The Clovis High School principal also took time out of his busy schedule to spend several hours as Ranchvale’s elementary principal.

These caring educators provided Ranchvale children with the support they needed to continue with class.

At the funeral, I was impressed again with how blessed I am to work for CMS. As I looked around, I was in awe as I witnessed the loving support of central office administrators and school board members, as well as other educators and students across the district.

This is not an isolated case. Last year CMS educators rallied to support another campus as they faced a similar tragedy in the loss of one of their staff members.

There are daily acts of caring and compassion shown at every campus in Clovis.

This dedication is given willingly in addition to meeting the academic needs of a wide variety of children.

Clovis educators are truly concerned about the academic and social development of the children they work with. To this end, they give sacrificially of themselves to support the various needs of the children they serve. It is my hope that Clovis residents will be encouraged with the knowledge that these professional and caring CMS educators are their partners in education.

Suzanne Brockmeier


Officer’s wife sees

different view

I am a police officer’s wife. I was so shocked to read the Sept. 7 paper to find out that so many citizens think they can give an opinion on crime in Clovis because they read what the paper reports or hear rumors from friends and co-workers.

Maybe these people should be police officers for awhile or maybe even sit at home with me and my children, worrying about our hero’s safety.

Tobi Stansell



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