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Letters to the editor 7/13


Police officers don’t deserve criticism

On the front page of the paper (Wednesday), there were two articles slamming our police department:

“Witnesses dispute police account” and “Family says police failed to heed warnings about suspect.”

I just wonder how many of these that are complaining about our law officers could do as good a job as these defenders of law and order are doing. There are very few men and women that can even pass a test to become officers.

Yes, I am prejudiced when it comes to law enforcement members. I have two sons, a daughter, a grandson, a granddaughter and many friends that are in the business of protecting people who can’t or won’t obey the law, that have nothing but complaints and bad things to say about those who put their lives on the line for them.

I do believe the officer that was trying to stop the pickup the other night was doing his level best to get him off the street before this horrible accident could happen.

I also believe the other family should have been checking on this baby before the police were called. I am very family oriented and I’ve never thought the police department should have seen after my children or grandchildren, nor were others responsible for seeing after my family — that is my God-given responsibility.

I still think our police officers are wonderful and one of the greatest blessings we have in America.

Evelyn Rains Gordon


Sirens may have prevented tragedy

I would like to know why that policeman did not put on his sirens prior to the pickup crash that killed Bobbie Sandoval.

It would have warned everyone to get out of the way. Maybe then Bobbie’s life wouldn’t have been taken. A lovely girl and mother’s life was snuffed out, all because of a careless mistake.

Two poor babies are now left without a mother to care for them and read them a story at bedtime. This is something that shouldn’t have happened. It could have been avoided. I feel for the family. I was her neighbor. We are all in shock. We will miss her.

Ida Chavez


Editor’s note: A police report indicates that Officer Rodney Wallace did engage his siren prior to the fatal crash. Witnesses at the scene have disputed that claim.

Police officer acted properly in chase

I worked with Rod Wallace (and) we joked about him wanting to be a police officer, knowing he would make our streets safer with his do-it-by-the-book routine.

Getting to know him was a privilege while he worked at Lyman Pipe and Supply, east of Clovis. I knew his dream was to become a police officer as he always volunteered to work on the weekends with the police force. When Rod came back to work on Mondays after his volunteered services, you could sense some kind of accomplishment that he had served in his community.

I am so confident that Rod wanted to be out in our street just to serve and protect on the Fourth of July so that others could spend time with their families. I am also certain that the proper procedure was taken. This accident could have devastated many lives that night (since) there were hundreds of people in that vicinity.

This death of my only sister hurts something terrible (for lack of better words).

Richard Beaman


Sidewalks should be open to everyone

I am writing in response to Jennifer Martinez, whose letter last week referenced a neighbor trying to keep people off of the sidewalk in front of his home.

I also have a very grumpy neighbor who lives across the street and behaves the same way. She is a bitter old lady and I feel does not believe children should have fun. In the two years I have lived here, I have seen and heard her yell at so many children that pass by her house.

She has gone so far as to put sticks on the sidewalk and used her vehicles to block the sidewalk so nobody can pass through.

I have never seen a person or child get into her yard. We all know how mean she is. But anytime she hears a child, she’s outside like a pit bull.

I understand what Martinez is going through; unfortunately there is not much we can do.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand children need to respect others’ yards and property. But for one to act like they own the whole sidewalk is wrong.

Debbie Anthony


Practicality needed in revitalization

As a business owner on historic Main Street and a member of Clovis Downtown Revitalization Program, I was pleased to see the article in Sunday’s News Journal about the ideas from the University of New Mexico.

It would be great to have lofts, restaurants and movie theaters, but I’d like to see some practical businesses in the downtown area such as grocery stores, drug stores and a hardware store.

Antique shops, craft malls and movie theaters are great, but if we are trying to revitalize the entire downtown area and provide loft apartments and other places for people to live they ought to at least be able to buy a newspaper on Main Street — not have to travel north to purchase necessities.

Karl D. Spence



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