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Letters to the editor 6/22


Just some random thoughts about our fair city:

1. If city government and the police department are so badly crowded, why don’t they expand into some of the city’s empty buildings? The city government would have more office space than it would know what to do with.

2. If Prince Street is becoming Clovis’ new “Main Street,” when will this deplorable street be resurfaced?

3. I am all for enforcing the truancy laws, but will the state finally get out of preventing parents from properly disciplining children?

4. I will say our police and fire departments are not being paid for what we expect them to do. These folks need a decent wage to live on.

5. Are we ever going to get any other businesses to come into this town other than those that pay minimum wage?

6. Why are the only unmarked intersections in this town all below 14th Street?

7. Does anyone else notice that our high school is beginning to look like a red-neck trailer park?

8. All in all I am happy with this town. It does have some of the nicest folks in the United States.

Thank-you for letting me express my thoughts.

Thomas M. Lipinski


I am writing this letter regarding the uncontrolled intersections issue reported in the June 11 paper. I agree with Frank Flores 100 percent.

I live on the corner of Christopher and Las Palomas. There are no stop signs in the whole area. I’ve seen some devastating car accidents. I’ve even had to go make sure people were not seriously injured.

There is a yield sign at the corner of Yucca and Las Palomas and I have never seen an accident on that corner.

I was recently in Lubbock in a residential area and every corner I came to had a stop sign. I felt much safer when I came to these intersections knowing there was a four-way stop.

Darlene Romero


I read with interest about the proposed skateboard park to be located at Greene Acres park in Clovis. The June 5 article reported city Recreation Director Rob Carter and Mayor David Lansford “think the city should provide them with a safer, better supervised and less congested site.”

I totally agree that such an avenue would benefit some of the youth of our community.

I also believe the children using Patrick Sandoval Park should have equal access to a safer place to hang out. I recently observed a long line of children waiting to use two swings. The one other piece of playground equipment, a slide, wasn’t being used — the metal was too hot for the children to use.

For the powers that be in city hall, please consider allocating enough funds to provide these neighborhood children with more playground equipment. This has been an established park in Clovis for quite a few years.

Perhaps area businesses and others would make donations for park improvements. I know that I would be willing to donate funds to help improve Patrick Sandoval park. Children in need do indeed need community support.

Rhonda Griego Roberts



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