Mother's joy played out in son


“Guess what Mom? He followed me all the way home from school. Isn’t he cute? Can I keep him Mom? He won’t eat very much, and I really promise, I’ll be the one who feeds him!”

“You know what Mom? You’re the best Mom in the whole world. Will you marry me when I grow up?”

“Guess what Mom? The teacher asked me to bring the cookies for the Christmas party. May I roll them out? See how I can pat them out so good with my hands? Have I been playing with the dog? Oh yes, but I didn’t get my hands dirty.”

“Well, I finally made it Mom. Guess what? It took me five years, three months and two days. I finally made ‘Good Citizen’ in my fifth-grade class.”

“You know what Mom? There’s a girl in junior high that tells me she likes me better than any other boy in the whole school. She said we were ‘going steady’ until further notice. Do I like her? Well, I guess. She told me I did.”

“But Mom, don’t you know all the kids date now? Why do I have to wait until I am 16? That’s dumb. You’ll have to take us in the car and go with us? Guess what Mom? I really didn’t want to go anyway.”

“Guess what Mom? You’ll never believe it. I got the John Phillip Sousa Award in band. Yes, Mom, I know you’re proud of me.”

“You know what Mom? I really don’t think I’m ready for college yet. I think I’ll just live at home and get a job. Anyway, I’d miss the peanut butter fudge at Christmas time.”

“Guess what Mom? I’m 19 now, and I really need to get out on my own and move away. Don’t cry Mom. You’ve been the most wonderful Mom in the whole world, but it’s time for me to grow up.”

“Guess what Mom, I got a job. It doesn’t pay much, but it’s a job. Don’t feel bad Mom. I’m just a two-hour drive away. By the way, Mom, you know that leather coat of mine that Dad liked on me? Do you think I could sell it to him?”

“Guess what Mom? I’ve enrolled in some night classes. I knew you’d be happy. Well, yes, maybe I’ll graduate someday. No, you don’t have to help. Yes, I’m eating right. No, I don’t eat a candy bar for breakfast ... well that is, sometimes I do.”

“Hi Mom. Guess what? It’s been a long four years, but I’m about to graduate. Graduation is Saturday afternoon at 2. Yes, I know how proud you and Dad are of me. Oh, and Mom, I’ve invited a friend to graduation. And would you please not mention her blue eyes and blonde hair? Yes, I know I always said I didn’t like blue eyes and blonde hair, but this one is different!”

“Oh, hi Mom. I thought you would never answer the phone. Guess what Mom? What are you and Dad doing Nov. 19? Would you like to go to a wedding?”

“She’s the most wonderful girl, Mom. She’s the girl I’ve been looking for all my life. You’ll love her, Mom. Remember all those bedtime prayers? The many times you prayed for the girl who would someday be my wife? God heard, Mom. God answered.”

“And guess what, Mom? I love you!’

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day.


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