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Opinion: Every vaccine skeptic's death is a tragedy

You’ve likely seen the headlines about COVID-19 killing radio hosts and activists who opposed vaccines and masks. Several of those headlines were about Caleb Wallace, a Texan who helped organize a “freedom rally” this summer... — Updated 9/15/2021


Heated discussion follows Afghanistan drawdown

WASHINGTON — Nearly two decades after Texas’ George W. Bush led the nation to war in Afghanistan to root out terrorists behind the Sept. 11 attacks, the Taliban were suddenly back in control Monday after a chaotic U.S.... — Updated 8/17/2021


Opinion: Data shows faiths of all kinds flourish

The Public Religion Research Institute has released its latest snapshot of the American religious landscape with data from 2020. It shows that America is still majority Christian, and that, despite shrill voices of the most... — Updated 8/14/2021


Opinion: Public figures need to speak up for vaccine

We know a couple of things about Cole Beasley, the former Dallas Cowboy turned Buffalo Bill. One, he’s terrific at making catches over the middle in tough situations. Two, he is not a doctor or scientist. When it comes to who we... — Updated 8/7/2021


Opinion: Law enforcement agencies should work together

Last week, the family of Texas firefighter Elijah Snow paid their last respects, still unsure of exactly how he died in Cancun, Mexico. After receiving conflicting reports, they are understandably concerned about whether justice... — Updated 8/3/2021


It's official: Texas, OU planning to leave Big 12

LUBBOCK — Just call it Texit — with some Sooner separation for good measure. Texas and Oklahoma effectively served notice Monday to the Big 12, setting the stage for SEC membership and dealing a major blow to their former... — Updated 7/27/2021


One dead, four injured in exchange of gunfire

A Lubbock County sheriff’s sergeant was fatally shot and four other law-enforcement officers were wounded Thursday afternoon in an exchange of gunfire with a barricaded man in West Texas. The suspect, Omar Soto-Chavira, 22, was... — Updated 7/17/2021


Opinion: Issues faced by administration predictable

In 2012, Pew Research asked 1,008 Americans to describe then-Vice President Joe Biden in one word. The responses ranged from “Good,” the most common answer, to “Goofy.” But almost five months into his tenure, the word that... — Updated 6/15/2021


Opinion: Texas should be cautious with development

Texas has a lot to celebrate when it comes to growth and prosperity, and we can now add to that celebration the number two, as in two additional congressional seats that the state picked up in the 2020 census. Texas is entitled to... — Updated 5/4/2021


Opinion: Market system key to preventing power outages

Ten years ago, when power plants in Texas succumbed to freezing temperatures and triggered rolling outages, Texas lawmakers took action. They passed a law requiring power plants to file plans with regulators on their annual... — Updated 2/17/2021


Senate acquits Trump

WASHINGTON – Donald Trump’s historic second impeachment trial ended Saturday with acquittal on a 57-43 vote, short of the two-thirds needed for conviction. Seven Republicans joined all Democrats in voting that the former... — Updated 2/13/2021 Full story


Opinion: Moratorium sad way to punish oil companies

Most Americans, in fact nearly all Americans, get around using vehicles that use gasoline. And nearly all of our goods are delivered in trucks that use diesel. If there’s no fuel, those vehicles don’t magically start running... — Updated 2/13/2021


Opinion: Limiting ballot drop-off sites poor decision

Just because something is legal doesn’t mean it is right. A federal appeals court ruled Monday that Texas can limit counties to one mail ballot drop-off site. The ruling from a three-judge panel of the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of... — Updated 10/17/2020


Opinion: US needs to address nuance on divisive issues

Earlier this year, South African-born comedian Trevor Noah hit at the heart of a serious problem hurting America right now. “Nuance doesn’t sell as well in America,” Noah said in an interview with CBS. “Nuance means you... — Updated 9/15/2020


Opinion: Deal between Israel, UAE a game changer

The constant churn of our own politics has obscured a recent event that should have gotten more attention in the U.S. because it was a moment of hope for a more peaceful future. We are talking about the historic agreement between... — Updated 8/22/2020


Biden could challenge Trump in Texas

WASHINGTON — The president’s new campaign manager scoffed Friday at the idea that Joe Biden could beat Donald Trump in Texas, despite a raft of recent polls showing a dead heat and one that has the Democrat leading by 5... — Updated 7/25/2020


Opinion: We need police; also need review of procedures

As protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer continue across the country, police procedures and budgets everywhere are coming in for a reexamination. Our advice in this debate is focus on a... — Updated 6/16/2020


Opinion: Declaration will redefine China relationship

The last time we flew out of Shanghai, China, it was 2015 and we stumbled across a sign hanging from the airport ceiling that seemed like an historical relic even then. It gave instructions — in English — for all travelers on... — Updated 6/2/2020


Texas back in business this week

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said his statewide stay-at-home order on coronavirus will expire on Thursday as scheduled, while Texas malls, stores, movie theaters and restaurants may open the next day — with 25% occupancy. Barber... — Updated 4/28/2020 Full story


Air safety needs to be larger bipartisan issue

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz has called for an investigation into why the Federal Aviation Administration certified the Boeing 737 Max and whether the agency is getting too close to the corporations it regulates. The Texas Republican is... — Updated 4/9/2019


Another viewpoint: Only thing needed to end shutdown is compromise

The government shutdown has no end in sight because our leaders in Washington don’t seem to want an end that doesn’t amount to political humiliation of the opposition. But imagine for a moment that President Donald Trump and... — Updated 1/19/2019


Opinion: Violence is never the answer

Political incivility is too rapidly devolving in America into harassment and violence. The news of explosive devices being mailed to President Barack Obama and the home of Bill and Hillary Clinton is the latest in a string of incid... — Updated 10/29/2018


Senate owes public probing, but civil review of jurist

Aside from the prime-time hype and prolonged standing ovation, President Donald Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Monday evening was a sober and dignified occasion worthy of our nation’s highest cour... — Updated 7/15/2018


Abbott deserves credit for action after shooting

In the melee that is the debate over mass shootings, we can’t help but return to a singular thought: There are a great many reforms that could make a meaningful difference and win broad support, if only they could get a fair... — Updated 6/6/2018


Time internet giants rethink data sharing

It’s easy to forget how young the Silicon Valley companies that dominate so much of our lives really are. One need be only a freshman in high school to have been born in a time before Facebook existed. And a baby delivered on... — Updated 4/4/2018


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