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 By Judy Brandon    Voices    April 20, 2018 

Collateral damage of sin is devastating

Collateral damage is a general term for deaths, injuries, or other damage inflicted on unintended targets. Sometimes we speak of civilian causalities of a military operation and those are viewed as...

 By Curtis Shelburne    Voices    April 20, 2018 

Political correctness can obfuscate a good point

“The word ‘good’ has many meanings,” writes G. K. Chesterton. “For example,” he continues, “if a man were to shoot his grandmother at a range of five hundred yards, I should call him a...

 By Audra Brown    Voices    April 20, 2018 

Never forget fires of the past

For every people there are those events that mark the past. Any person who decides to continue farming or ranching, year after year, forgets the middling inconveniences, for both sanity and space....

 By Tom Rosshirt    Voices    April 19, 2018

Thank you, Barbara Bush, for the hugs

My brother Matt died of AIDS 26 years ago, passing away in his bed in my parents’ home in Houston. It was a benighted time for people with AIDS. There were no antiretrovirals then. There was nothing much you could do for an AIDS patient but hold...


Butterflies like it messy

People who are serious about butterflies and moths are known as lepidopterists, a word that might seem better suited for a spelling bee than a nature walk. Maybe that’s why Steve Cary is simply...


Good class can turn language into feast

The subject of English language arts in middle school is not generally a topic which excites or tantalizes the average individual. However, when packaged creatively by an innovative teacher, it can...


Americans don't need another war

Is Syria worth dying over? No. It would be a tragedy for you to die — or to kill — over Syria, North Korea, Russia, or any other country the U.S. government is trying to goad into war. Americans d... Full story


Democracy will die out without freedom of press

Pop culture has turned former President Richard Nixon’s “enemies list” into the butt of jokes 45 years after the famously ruthless and paranoid president created it, in part, to monitor journalists. A new Trump administration effort to compile...


Bonds with pets can change diets

Throughout the course of a lifetime, a person may have the fortune to enjoy not only several pets, but several types of pets. It may start with something small and easy to care for — a goldfish or...

 By Newsday    Voices    April 15, 2018

Paul Ryan legacy won't be tax cuts, just national debt

When deficit warrior Paul Ryan came to Congress in 1999, the national debt was $5.6 trillion. When House Speaker Paul Ryan leaves in 2019, the figure will be about $22 trillion. In announcing his retirement from Congress, Ryan touted on Wednesday as...

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    April 15, 2018

Road trip presents 1,000 photo ops

I took at least 1,000 photos during my recent 17-day, 4,162-mile journey with Spooky, a fellow Navy spy, stretching from New Mexico to North Carolina. States included New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma,...

 By Kevin Wilson    Voices    April 15, 2018

Intent letter signings no-go for photos

Whenever local athletes sign on to play college sports, I try to give them the same initial questions so the process is easier for them. What other schools were you considering? What convinced you to pick this school? Was there a point you realized...

 By Rob Langrell    Voices    April 15, 2018

Society has lost its cotton-pickin' mind

Sadly, we now live in an age where someone somewhere will always be offended by something. Case in point: On Wednesday night, Oklahoma Thunder play-by-play announcer Brian Davis referred to how... Full story

 By Judy Brandon    Voices    April 13, 2018

Fill your life with the spirit of God

Jesus, who knows us better than we even know ourselves, warned His hearers about obstructions or sin in one’s heart. He said: “What comes from your heart is what makes you unclean. Out of your...


Genuine wisdom rooted forever in God

According to the wise man writing in Ecclesiastes 3, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” I like the way Eugene Peterson paraphrases this in The Message:...

 By Audra Brown    Voices    April 13, 2018

Steak's nice, party favors better

The best parties are those with all your friends, with the time and space to have a good time together. But some get-togethers are less personal. Business banquets are an example of such a thing. It...


Continuing the fight against bullying

Bullying has been defined as the “use of superior strength or influence to intimidate someone, typically to force him or her to do what one wants.” Somehow the definition doesn’t sound as bad...


Life in small town has rewards

Sometimes life in a small town feels a little confining. But then — if you’re lucky — you have one of those moments that reminds you of the very best part of being in a rural community. I lost... Full story


New CYFD tool good step for saving children

The Children, Youth and Families Department has unveiled a tool that will save lives, literally. It’s called the Law Enforcement Portal, a database that officers can access from their computers or mobile devices. It lets law enforcement access... Full story


Government involvement not helping

It’s a wonderful thing when someone decides to help the community. I might even join them if their efforts align with my values. I’m somewhat less thrilled when someone mistakes running for...


Lemur popularity tied to mental skill

For many societies, beauty and brawn are preferred attributes and can influence where an individual lands in social circles. What defines “cool” for humans differs from one generation to the... Full story


Special counsel unnecessary in FBI abuse probe

The decision by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to assign the Department of Justice inspector general and a federal prosecutor from Utah to look into allegations of FBI abuses in its probe of Trump associates — rather than name another special...

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    April 8, 2018

Operation Spooky waylaid by bovines

Submitted from Charlotte, North Carolina, here is a condensed version of my travelogue of an in-progress trip stretching from Taos to the Tar Heel state. After a 43-year break, a fellow Navy spook (sp...

 By Kevin Wilson    Voices    April 8, 2018

Thanks for entertainment, mystery caller

It’s probably not wise to adopt a life philosophy based on a stand-up comedy bit, but I’ve thrown caution to the wind. Somewhere after “In Living Color,” and before “My Wife and Kids” Damon Wayans explained his approach to parenting: If i...

 By Becky Rowley    Voices    April 8, 2018

Community college integral part of Clovis

This April, community colleges across the United States will be celebrating Community College Month. At Clovis Community College, we spend the month of April recognizing our student and staff...


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