New Mexico primary sample ballot


Last updated 5/14/2022 at 10:57am

New Mexico’s primary election is scheduled June 7. Early voting is already under way. Here are candidates on the ballot in Curry and Roosevelt counties:


United States Representative, District 3

Teresa Leger Fernandez (D)

Alexis Martinez Johnson (R)


Michelle Lujan Grisham (D)

Karen Evette Bedonie (L)

Ginger C. Grider (L) (write-in)

Jay C. Block (R)

Rebecca L. Dow (R)

Gregory Joseph Zanetti (R)

Ethel R. Haharg (R)

Mark V. Ronchetti (R)

Lieutenant Governor

Howie C. Morales (D)

Travis Steven Sanchez (L)

Ant L. Thornton (R)

Peggy L. Muller-Aragon (R)

Secretary of State

Maggie Toulouse Oliver (D)

Mayna Erika Myers (L)

Audrey Trujillo (R)

Attorney General

Brian S. Colon (D)

Raul Torrez (D)

Jeremy Michael Gay (R)

State Auditor

Zachary A. Quintero (D)

Joseph M. Maestas (D)

Robert Jason Vaillancourt (L) (write-in)

State Treasurer

Laura M. Montoya (D)

Heather R. Benavidez (D)

Harry B. Montoya (R)

Commissioner of Public Lands

Stephanie Garcia Richard (D)

Jefferson L. Byrd (R)

State Representative, District 63

Martin Zamora (R)

State Representative, District 64

Andrea R. Reeb (R)

State Representative, District 67

Jackey O. Chatfield (R)

Justice of the Supreme Court,

Position 1

Julie J. Vargas (D)

Thomas C. Montoya (R)

Justice of the Supreme Court,

Position 2

Briana H. Zamora (D)

Kerry J. Morris (R)

Judge of the Court of Appeals,

Position 1

Gerald Edward Baca (D)

Sophie I. Cooper (L) (write-in)

Barbara V. Johnson (R)

Judge of the Court of Appeals,

Position 2

Katherine Anne Wray (D)

Stephen P. Curtis (L)

Gertrude Lee (R)

District Court Judge

Shaun Burns (R)

Benjamin Cross (R)


Magistrate Judge, Division 1

Janemarie Vanderdussen (R)

Magistrate Judge, Division 2

Stephen R. Whittington (R)

Eleisa Loera Munoz (R)

Donald Thomas Sawyer (R)

Jandi A. Stanfield (R)

County Commissioner, District 1

Fidel M. Madrid (D)

County Commissioner, District 2

Bradley Dean Bender (R)

County Commissioner, District 3

Norman L. Kia (R)

Lisa R. Pellegrino (R)

Dusty W. Leatherwood (R)

County Sheriff

Michael D. Reeves (R)

County Assessor

Randa K. Jesko (R)

Probate Judge

Michael R. Wells (R)

Hollie L. Barnett (R)


Magistrate Judge

Christopher A. Mitchell (R)

County Sheriff

Ryan Dude Ainsworth (R)

Javier Sanchez (R)

Darrel W. Chenault (R)

County Assessor

Stevin L. Floyd (R)

County Commissioner, District 3

Sawyer Kee May (R)

Billy Bob Cathey (R)

Roy L. Criswell (R)

County Commissioner, District 4

Tina M. Dixon (R)

County Commissioner, District 5

Glynn E. Wilhoit, Jr. (R)

Paul E. Grider (R)


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