Records: Shooting followed argument


Last updated 4/30/2022 at 11:03am

Tuesday’s shooting death of a Portales man followed an argument between roommates, court records show.

Justin Banks, 42, died after being shot in the back by Armando Jimenez, according to an arrest affidavit. Jimenez, 26, is charged with voluntary manslaughter. He turned himself into police and was in the Roosevelt County Detention Center late last week.

Banks and Jimenez lived in the 900 block of West 16th Street in Portales, where the shooting occurred.

Police were called to the scene about 7:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Portales police Sgt. Nikolas Sanchez wrote in his report that he went into the house to find Banks, deceased, lying in a hallway. Sanchez saw a silver revolver and three shell casings next to Banks.

Sanchez said when he arrived on the scene, Jimenez was a passenger in a white pickup truck across the street from the house. The driver and owner of the truck was Jimenez’s father, Albert Jimenez.

The Jimenezes told police that after the shooting they left the area to call police. The younger Jimenez had the firearm from the shooting and it was confiscated by police, the report shows.

Armando Jimenez said he and a friend were at the house drinking alcohol when an argument erupted between Jimenez and Banks over Jimenez’s dog destroying property belonging to Banks.

Jimenez told investigators that he and his friend were afraid to come out of Jimenez’s room as Banks was punching holes outside in the hallway and “saying violent verbal commands to them.”

Jimenez was also concerned that Banks had a firearm “due to the metal frame sliding back and forth on the gun.” He also told investigators that he heard Banks “fire one shot from inside the residence and thought that they were possibly going to get shot as well.”

Armando Jimenez told investigators that he heard his father knocking on the door of the house about 7:30 a.m. Tuesday because the two of them rode to work together. That is when the younger Jimenez ran out of the bedroom to try and stop Banks from answering the door, the report shows.

Armando Jimenez told investigators it was at this time that he pulled a handgun on Banks and the two exchanged words. After that, Banks turned toward his bedroom. Jimenez told investigators that Banks was known to keep firearms in his bedroom so “therefore he was shot at least six times and appeared to be struck four times as he turned his back to Armando,” the report states.

Sanchez reported that after the shooting Albert Jimenez dragged his son out of the residence and took the gun away from him.

During the investigation neighbors told police that the house was the source of gunshots at times along with “fights always.”

Attempts to contact Banks’ family members for comment were not successful late last week.


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