Pages past, Sept. 26: Crime doesn't always pay


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On this date ...

1966: A couple of would-be trespassers had bad days at their proverbial offices.

Police said someone attempted to break into an empty house at 1008 W. Grand in Clovis but managed only $10 in damages. Entry was not made into the building and the miscreant suffered in the process. “Quantities of blood on the glass of the front door” suggested a cut on the hand.

Meanwhile at 1702 W. Grand, the couple who lived there came home from a night of dancing to find a prowler in the house. The man ran from the back door and jumped into his car, but was unable to start it and drive away. When police arrived, they found the couple holding the car doors closed with the accused trapped inside.

In successful outlaw news, Clovis City Commissioner Jewel Joyner reported someone stole his open-face pocket watch, two people reported clothing was stolen from their homes, and Betty Hammond of 1005 Beta told police someone stole her lawn mower from her garage. The lawn mower was valued at $65.

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