Letter to the editor - Aug. 30


August 30, 2020

Virus controls matter of science

Michael Reagan and a lot of other Republicans seem to believe if you deny scientific facts that will make the outcome conform to their way of thinking.

From the start, President Trump has ignored his scientific advisors, refusing to take the coronavirus seriously, then, pushing for returning to business as usual, paying no attention to scientific advice about taking some steps to control the coronavirus prior to opening business.

Reagan, in his column published Aug. 16, said that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris blamed President Trump for the virus. They blamed President Trump for his totally incompetent handling of the situation, as did the majority of the rest of the population, with the exception of some Republican politicians.

Reagan complains about the authoritarian governors shutting down schools and businesses because of COVID-19. He seems to approve of the Head Authoritarian Trump.

Not wearing a mask can harm an innocent person — we have laws against that.

Masks infringe on your freedom? How much freedom do you have in a pine box?

The crucial thing to be addressed in the pandemic is getting controls on the virus; everything hinges on that. The New York Times Editorial Board reported last week that we could control the coronavirus by October. The tools we need are the ones we always hear about wearing masks, social distancing and avoiding crowds. We HAVE to use them in all areas all the time.

We have the scientific knowledge to defeat this but the “common sense” is open for debate.

Leon Logan



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