Former Clovis resident arrested on 2018 allegations


Last updated 6/20/2020 at 3:33pm

CLOVIS — A former Clovis resident was arrested Tuesday on 2018 allegations of stealing from a family member.

Sharmain Hunter, 44, of Las Vegas, Nevada, faces four felony counts of theft of identity and four charges — two felony, two misdemeanor — of fraudulent use of a credit card without consent of cardholder.

After being arrested on a 2018 warrant Tuesday, Hunter was booked into the Curry County Adult Detention Center. She was released Thursday on a $5,000 surety bond.

She’s due in Curry County Magistrate Court on July 2 for a preliminary examination.

According to court documents:

• In October 2018, a Clovis Police Department officer was dispatched for a fraud report. The person who called police said her mother was the victim of theft by Hunter, who is the victim’s granddaughter.

• The day prior, the family received a call from a credit card company regarding suspicious charges. Calls were made to other credit card issuers, and it was revealed several unfamiliar charges took place over the last six weeks.

• Hunter, who had lived with her grandmother, moved out with little warning. A pair of notebooks were found in her room, one with information for her grandmother’s accounts and another with her passwords.

• Also found in the room was a box with more than 30 letters, including a request from her imprisoned boyfriend to purchase items and an extortion attempt from another inmate who knew about stolen credit cards.

• Charges on three credit cards in the alleged victim’s name totaled $4,100.69.

• The investigating officer acquired security footage from a bank and convenience store where charges had been made, and family members identified Hunter in the footage.

Hunter’s case was assigned to the public defender’s office, but as of Friday court records did not show a specific attorney.


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