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Five local races contested in primary election


March 15, 2020

Presidential candidates will likely be decided by then, but eastern New Mexico voters will still have work to do in the June 2 primary elections.

Curry County has two contested elections and Roosevelt County has three, in addition to a crowded field in the U.S. Representative races.

Curry County will have one contested race for a seat on the county commission as Republican candidates James D. Ridling and J. Albin Smith vie for Ben McDaniel’s spot representing District 2. McDaniel termed out this year, leaving the position up for grabs.

Robert Sandoval, Seth H. Martin and Robert E. Thornton are also up for re-election, but will be running unopposed.

Sarah Ranae Smith challenged incumbent Annie Hogland for the position of Curry County clerk. Both are running as Republicans.

Debbie Spriggs has termed out as Curry County treasurer, with Kendall David Kempf running unopposed for the position as a Republican.

In Roosevelt County, Rodney O. Savage challenged incumbent and fellow Republican Matthew Tod Hunton for the District 2 seat on the county commission.

Dennis Lopez will also be up for re-election and will be running unopposed as a Democrat.

Stephanie Hicks has been challenged by Samantha Christine Bailey for her position as Roosevelt County clerk, with both candidates running as Republicans.

Layle L. Sanchez will be running for re-election unopposed as a Republican for Roosevelt County treasurer.

Michelle Bargas will have two challengers for the position of county probate judge, with Gracy R. Stone and Kendall G. Terry both throwing their hats in the ring. All three will be running as Republicans.

For New Mexico races, Andrea Reeb will be running unopposed for another term as district attorney.

Pat Woods and Stuart Ingle will both be running for re-election unopposed as Republicans for the state senate District 7 and District 27 seats, respectively.

Republican Martin Zamora is running unopposed in the primary, but will have to defend his District 63 House seat from Democrat Randal W. Brown in November.

Republican House representatives Randal Crowder, Phelps Anderson and Jackey Chatfield will run unopposed for District 64, District 66 and District 67, respectively.

At the federal level, Elisa Maria Martinez, Gavin S. Clarkson Mick Rich and Louie Sanchez all qualified and will compete in the Republican primary for U.S. senator.

Ben R. Lujan and Bob Walsh will be unopposed as the Democratic and Libertarian nominees, respectively.

For the U.S. House of Representatives District 1, Deb Haaland will be the Democratic nominee, with Michelle Garcia Holmes, Brett Kokinadis and Jared R Vander Dussen competing for the Republican nomination in the primary.

Xochitl Torres will run for the Democrats in District 2, with Claire Chase, Yvette Herrell and Chris Mathys competing in the primary for the Republican nomination.

In District 3, Portales’ Audra Brown is running against Alexis M. Johnson, Harry B. Montoya, Karen Evette Bedonie and Anastacia Golden-Morper for the Republican nomination. Valerie E Plame, John Blair, Joseph L. Sanchez, Kyle J. Tisdel, Luara M. Monyoa, Teresa Leger Fernandez and Marco Peter Serna will be vying for the Democratic nomination.

Following is a list of candidates who have filed, not withdrawn and have qualified or their eligibility is still pending:

County races

Curry County Commission

District 1

• Robert Sandoval (Democrat)

District 2

• James D. Ridling (Republican)

• J. Albin Smith (Republican)

District 4

• Seth H. Martin (Republican)

District 5

• Robert E. Thornton (Republican)

Curry County Clerk

• Annie Hogland (Republican)

• Sarah Ranae Smith (Republican)

Curry County Treasurer

• Kendall David Kempf (Republican)

Roosevelt County Commission

District 1

• Dennis Lopez (Democrat)

District 2

• Matthew Tod Hunton (Republican)

• Rodney O. Savage (Republican)

Roosevelt County Clerk

• Samantha Christine Bentley (Republican)

• Stephanie Hicks (Republican)

Roosevelt County Treasurer

• Layle L. Sanchez (Republican)

Roosevelt County Probate Judge

• Michelle Bargas (Republican)

• Gracy R. Stone (Republican)

• Kendall G. Terry (Republican)

New Mexico races

Ninth Judicial District Attorney

• Andrea Reeb (Republican)


District 7

• Pat Woods (Republican)

District 27

• Stuart Ingle (Republican)

House of Representatives

District 63

• Randal W. Brown (Democratic)

• Martin Ruben Zamora (Republican)

District 64

• Randal S. Crowder (Republican)

District 66

• Phelps Anderson (Republican)

District 67

• Jackey O. Chatfield (Republican)

Federal races

U.S. President

• Joseph R. Biden (Democrat)

• Tulsi Gabbard (Democrat)

• Deval Patrick (Democrat)

• Bernie Sanders (Democrat)

• Elizabeth Warren (Democrat)

• Andrew Yang (Democrat)

• Adam Kokesh (Libertarian)

• Max Max Abramson (Libertarian)

• Ken Armstrong (Libertarian)

• Daniel Berhman (Libertarian)

• Lincoln Chafee (Libertarian)

• Jacob Hornberger (Libertarian)

• Jo Jorgensen (Libertarian)

• John Monds (Libertarian)

• James Ogle (Libertarian)

• Sam Robb (Libertarian)

• Arvin Vohra (Libertarian)

• Donald J. Trump (Republican)

U.S. Senator

• Ben R. Lujan (Democrat)

• Bob Walsh (Libertarian)

• Elisa Maria Martinez (Republican)

• Gavin S. Clarkson (Republican)

• Mark V. Ronchetti (Republican)

• Mick Rich (Republican)

• Louie Sanchez (Republican)

U.S. House of Representatives

District 1

Deb Haaland (Democrat)

Michelle Garcia Holmes (Republican)

Brett Kokinadis (Republican)

Jared R Vander Dussen (Republican)

District 2

• Xochitl Torres Small (Democrat)

• Claire Chase (Republican)

• Yvette Herrell (Republican)

• Chris Mathys (Republican)

District 3

• Valerie E. Plame (Democrat)

• John Blair (Democrat)

• Joseph L. Sanchez (Democrat)

• Kyle J. Tisdel (Democrat)

• Laura M. Montoya (Democrat)

• Teresa Leger Fernandez (Democrat)

• Marco Peter Serna (Democrat)

• “Anise” Anastacia Golden-Morper (Republican)

• Karen Evette Bedonie (Republican)

• Harry B. Montoya (Republican)

• Alexis M. Johnson (Republican)

• Audra Lee Brown (Republican)


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