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Letters to the editor - Jan. 5


January 5, 2020

Wreaths project could use help

After reading Ronald Dickson’s comments regarding the Wreaths Across America Project (Letter to the Editor, Dec. 29), I wanted to add there is a downside for Karen Alexander after all her hard work and efforts.

After the wreaths are placed on a Saturday, the calls start coming in over the next few days. “My dad didn’t get a wreath,” or, “My son didn’t get a wreath,” or a wife calling that her husband didn’t have a wreath.

These calls hurt Karen deeply as she has worked months trying to get everyone a wreath.

This year she had 1,740 wreaths to place. If you consider we have approximately 3,500 veterans, it’s evident that some won’t get a wreath. So who gets one and who doesn’t? It’s totally random.

The boxes of wreaths are placed randomly throughout the cemeteries. Volunteers then go to the boxes and distribute them until they run out. The only instruction given to the volunteers is to find a veteran marker and place a wreath. It’s that simple.

Alexander can sure use the help getting every veteran a wreath. The more donations received, the more wreaths can be purchased.

Wreaths can also be purchased for specific individuals.

Please keep this in mind prior to next year’s ceremony.

I hope we can find it in our hearts to get a wreath for all 3,500 of our local vets.

For information, see the Wreaths Across America Clovis, N.M., Facebook page.

Anthony M. Jones


Many waiting for Republicans to wake up

Michael Reagan’s column, “Dems lowering bar on impeachment,” reveals that he believes in facts the same as most Senate Republicans.

He blames the “liberal media” for slobbering over the Democrats and urging them on.

You would never guess that the only thing he believes in is Fox News and conservative views approved by conservative think tanks.

The impeachment is based on facts and presented by the House of Representatives as established by the Constitution. It is the responsibility of the Senate to hold court and to judge the facts of the case and to arrive at a decision based on the facts.

If the Senate fails to do this, it is not performing its duty as prescribed by the Constitution and should be judged accordingly.

Last month, it looked like the Senate was mimicking Saudi Arabia in a murder investigation.

Reagan said the Democrats have lowered the bar for impeachment to almost nothing. But every time Trump opens his mouth there is likely to be more grounds for impeachment.

A large number of intelligent people, including a lot of former Republican officials and citizens, have wondered when the Republican Party is going to wake up.

Republicans have stayed with Trump basically because he has given them four of the things they hold most dear: tax cuts for the rich, fewer regulations, vastly reduced science in addressing global warming, and power.

The Republicans thought that once he was elected they could control him. Trump simply took over a lot of fears and prejudices that Republicans have been using for years and expertly manipulated them to his benefit, especially racial prejudice and portraying the poor as “takers.”

Leon Logan



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