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Letters to the editor - Nov. 13


November 13, 2019

City officials’ authority respected

Our Clovis city commission consists of nine qualified individuals who we the people voted to make educated decisions in the interest of our city. Thursday, as I sat in an open meeting, I was impressed with the integrity and passion of each of them.

There were a few items that elicited communication from the public and, for the most part, we the people presented our questions and concerns with respect. Of course there were a few disgruntled citizens that only had their own agenda in mind, and here was the prevailing question:

“Why don’t we the people know what is going on?”

Here is what I surmise: People only want to be involved in government if they have a say so. The reality is that it is our choice to be involved, to ask questions, to gather accurate information.

Our city commission holds open meetings twice a month, with an agenda available to anyone who wants one prior to each meeting. Our commissioners, under the leadership of Mayor David Lansford, are available to answer any questions about any aspect of our government to anyone who contacts them.

What I realized Thursday is that I trust in the integrity of each person on the board. They take the time to investigate and problem solve, and make decisions for the betterment of our city and our community.

I am impressed with the time they each take regarding every issue that is brought up and, with tact and integrity, answer our questions, present us with factual information, to explain why they decide to make decisions as to why a property tax increase is in the best interest of our city.

Do I always agree with their opinions or decisions? No. But I respect their authority to make these decisions on my behalf.

Bonetta Hutson


Critical thinking needed in election

As we wrap up a recent election, I’m already thinking of the next. We must approach it, actually we should approach life, with discernment.

Whenever one is attempting to sell others on a heretofore unpopular idea, they oftentimes rename it. It is an effort to hoodwink the well-meaning, yet unsuspecting and the uninformed.

Note some examples: Illegal alien became undocumented immigrant. Liberals became progressives. Pro-abortion became pro-choice.

In addition, I wonder about climate change. Did humans cause the Dust Bowl? Was the Ice Age the fault of humans?

Beware. Be wise. Be informed. Be discerning.

We need to be critical thinkers.

Kathy Odaffer



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