Letter to the editor - Nov. 3


November 3, 2019

Tax increase not a solution

Regarding Clovis’ critical water situation:

Our city commissioners are correct. We have a problem. But they are going about it the wrong way if they increase our property taxes.

They are forcing it down our throats. A very high percentage of the people in Clovis are on a fixed income. They may or may not be able to afford this projected tax hike.

Commissioners should eliminate some of the projects that we are currently paying for that are not as important as our water situation. Do it this way.

Or, more importantly, let the citizens vote. If it is approved by the citizens, then go for it.

Remember, we all have the right to vote. Hitler and others like him tried it differently. That did not work.

If our citizens vote it in, then so be it. But let the people decide. This is a democracy.

Ben Moralez



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