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Reader reaction: Legalizing recreational weed: pros and cons


January 16, 2019

We asked Facebook readers what they think about the possibility of legalizing recreational marijuana. Some responses:

• John Pallaschke: I understand the struggle. I don’t drink and drive, nor should we smoke and drive. We just can’t afford to let people put others in danger. Medically it helps out a lot of people. ... Figure it out and quickly!

• MaryRose Paterson: I once was opposed to cannabis. But after seeing how life changing it can be for those with life-altering illnesses, I support the access to cannabis 100 percent. ... My only complaint is how I dislike the smell. I was in line at the store the other day and the guy in front of me was permeated with it.

• Andrew Schaap: Can we please stop overhyping marijuana as some wonder drug that cures everything? If it’s legalized it’ll just be marketed to the masses as some cure-all when studies on its efficacy are inconclusive. People are already marketing the bejesus out of cbd oil around town (a.k.a snake oil).

• Mike Wood: Snake oil or not, cbd had my wife off of opioid pain meds 48 hours after surgery. ... It doesn’t cure all cancer or pain, but it does have some medical value.

• Beverly Helm: I’m from Colorado and for every $1 made from pot, it costs (taxpayers) $4.50 in additional law enforcement, emergency-room visits, mental health care and taking care of all the homeless that have moved in to use it. ... Legalizing it brings lots of illegal grows and activity. I’ve seen the changes this has brought in Colorado and it isn’t good.

• Charlie Corn: Legalize it. Tax benefits for the state, some economic gains in all cities. California did it, nothing blew up, no aliens came, the day of reckoning didn’t happen. Kids still go to school, parents still go to work. Responsible people are still responsible. Marijuana isn’t a moral issue, folks.

• Elisa Chino: The police could focus on actual crime if it was legalized. This would save them a lot of time and would prevent criminals from making money. Our state can tax it and put it into education and infrastructure. It’s common sense! (Our lawmakers) need to open their eyes and see what the constituents want.

• Taylor Ellis: Let’s legalize murder, robbery and (other crimes) too. Then the police won’t have much to worry about. Pure genius.

• Norman Clark: Legalize it. Clovis could use the extra tax dollars to fix the streets.

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