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January 13, 2019

On this date ...

1979: Sales of athletic shoes had jumped from 18.2 million to 64 million in the past five years, "with many of these shoe wearers having no athletic background at all," the Clovis News-Journal reported via a wire service.

"Reasons cited for this phenomenal growth range from being "stylish" to increased interest in sports such as tennis and jogging."

In other news:

• The surgeon general reported the overall death rate for cigarette smokers was 70 percent higher than for non-smokers.

• Cannon Air Force Base officials were warning civilians that they would be in "serious danger" if they trespassed on Melrose Bombing and Gunnery Range. Military officials said practice bombs dropped on the range weigh up to 25 pounds and hit the ground at more than 600 mph. "It would severely injure or kill anybody it might hit," Cannon reported.

• Actor John Wayne was making progress "right on target" after his stomach was removed in his fight against cancer. "For what he's gone through, he's in remarkably good shape and good spirits," a hospital administrator told reporters. Wayne - born Marion Robert Morrison - died about six months later. He was 72.

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