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Reader reaction - Dec. 23


December 23, 2018

A judge last week determined Clovis library shooter Nathaniel Jouett will be sentenced as an adult. Punishment ranges from probation to spending the rest of his life in prison.

Here are some of the reader comments posted on our Facebook page:

Linda Cordova Hernandez: Good. He wanted to act like an adult, he can get charged as one. We can’t blame other people, like his parents, because no one acted on it but him.

Steve Brown: He pulled the trigger, he needs to do the time. I still say we need the death sentence back bad.

Suzan Hughes: Wonderful. We now feed, clothe and take care of a murderer for the rest of his miserable life.

Angela Burch: I hope he gets that max sentence and serves every single freaking day.

Chandra Davis: Let this be a lesson to all the young individuals out there thinking they won’t be held accountable.

Max Carrizales: If ever a crime deserved the death penalty, this is it. I don’t want my tax dollars preserving the life of this scum for the rest of his life.

Pam Ducker: (After) reading the comments — That’s the Clovis Christian way. Go to church and hate, hate, hate.

Cyndee Bates Nelson: We don’t hate him. Just what he did. He committed an evil crime.

Terry Carby: I hate him. Not speaking as a Clovis Christian, just as someone who cared deeply about the victims.

Kate Handy: Those poor, sweet ladies at the library — Wanda Walters and Krissie Carter — will forever be missed. I still cannot believe they are gone. I don’t know what was in this young man’s mind and heart, but he can never fix this mistake. I do think he should be removed from society and pay for his crimes. His whole life is now ruined. I do hope he gets the mental help that he should have had before this horrific act.

Terrie Pruitt Walthers: This whole situation is tragic — the loss of life, his mental condition and missed cry for help (were) all tragic.

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