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When in deep waters, ask for help


August 24, 2018

King David wrote a beautiful praise to God in Psalm 18. My favorite verse of that psalm is verse 16: “He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters.” Evidently King David at this time was in danger and distressed. Several commentaries I studied noted the imaginary of deep water: Peril, danger, raging waters and life threatening conditions.

As I write this today, Hurricane Lane, a category 4 hurricane, is headed for Hawaii. High winds, resulting flood waters, even raging waters, will hit Hawaii if this hurricane stays on its predicted path. Hurricane force waters have devastated many communities, demolished homes and countless lives. The deep, devastating and raging waters can ruin lives.

Yet hurricanes are not the only thing that can put a person in peril. We all at times have faced our own deep, personal, raging waters within ourselves. At least I have.

The Bible chronicles Jesus’ life and we know during his time on earth, he spent so many of his days reaching down and helping those who were drowning in their own personal battles, their own deep waters. Many were drowning physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Jesus sought them and “drew them out of the water.” They were drowning in personal circumstances and only the Lord Jesus could rescue them and give them hope.

Think about the character Zacchaeus. A tax collector, he cheated and overtaxed people, pocketing the excess. When Jesus was passing through Jericho, Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus. Zacchaeus probably could push his way around when it came to collecting taxes. But this little guy in a crowd was a different situation.

While trying to get a glimpse of Jesus, Zacchaeus probably heard angry words from the crowd, taunting him and elbowing him out of the way. But Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus, so he climbed up a sycamore tree and perched himself there to view from above. Jesus passed by, stopped and looked up at Zacchaeus and told him to come down and Jesus ate at Zacchaeus’ house that day. Zacchaeus repented and one, who was once ostracized and disenfranchised, suddenly found himself out of those deep troubling waters, and vowed to pay back even more to those he had cheated.

Then remember the leper that Jesus healed? Leprosy was the dreaded disease of the day. The leper had to live outside the town, and if he did come into town he had to shout “unclean” so everyone would have time to get away. One a leper saw Jesus, cried out to Jesus, begging Jesus to heal him. Jesus touched the leper, and healed him. This was probably the only touch the man had had in years. He had been alienated from even those he loved. Jesus reached down into the leper’s own personal, troubled deep waters and pulled the leper out of his terrible physical illness and isolation. (Matthew 8:3)

What about the woman caught in adultery? Her accusers were prepared to stone her. Jesus reached out to her and stopped the group by writing in the dirt a message that they all read and all her assurers scrambled. Jesus may have written all their individual sins in the dirt. Who knows? But Jesus saved her. He pulled her out of her deep personal waters of shame and condemnation (John 8:1-11) and told her to go and start a new life and sin no more.

Consider the demon-possessed man in Gadarenes. (Mark 5:1-20) Living among the tombs in the graveyard, he had been tormented with demonic disturbances. His mind and body were controlled by evil spirits. His family and friends had deserted him and he could no longer live by them. His extreme torment caused him to scream day and night. But Jesus reached out to him and called him and Jesus healed him. Jesus took the man out of his personal pain of psychological and emotional deep waters and gave him a new life.

Millions over the centuries can identify with King David because they have testified that, “He reached down from on high and took hold of me. He drew me out of deep waters.”

What deep water do you find yourself in today? Jesus Christ can help you. Ask him.

Judy Brandon is a Clovis resident. Contact her at:

[email protected]


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