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Too busy for antics of 'Christians'


August 12, 2018

I recently joined a fitness center to try to extend whatever years I have left — although I’m not sure what it matters (other than survival instinct). Even if I avoid diseases, accidents and violence causing my demise tomorrow, I’ll still be dead infinitely longer than I existed.

As I was exiting the fitness center one day, a black woman with three daughters told them if they ran through the door “I am going to knock the white out of you.” I speculated it may have been a commentary on some white kids’ behavior in the playroom.

Ranging from optimistic, energetic youth to realistic, seasoned citizens, everyone in the fitness center is trying to maximize what they were born with.

Although I have never initiated any negativity toward my critics, here are a few of the ways I have been described for trying to be the best I can be — intellectually — about what I don’t know.

One critic who apparently feels threatened because I do not pretend to be religious called me a “Facebook philosopher: the Protagoras (490-420 BC) of Portales.” I took this to mean I’ve never posted anything of substance — including columns about my late parents inspiring me.

In a thinly disguised blog about a dog parable, a Christian made fun of me for being upset about my mother dying. Although I’ve never called myself an atheist — I simply don’t know — they also falsely called me a “self-proclaimed atheist” (are there any other kind?) and included me in the “shallowness of atheist zealots.”

When I wrote a column pondering whether the universe was designed for humans or we exist because of its design, a Christian — rather than respectfully sharing their viewpoint — began their Facebook rebuttal with “You’ll have to excuse Wendel.”

When I posed with a Santa Claus figurine with a brownish hat and fluffy white beard from an office Christmas party, a Christian wanted to know who that bald guy was holding Wendel. I have a sense of humor, but when they repeated the comment a few days later, I replied they seemed to be obsessed with my physical appearance. Their “apology” was “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. In fact, with your hat and white beard you are quite striking.”

Every year since they sneak in bald jokes in their Christmas newsletter.

One Christian, whom has never been to the High Plains, has made condescending comments about how exciting it must be to live near Floyd, House and Clovis.

When some Facebook friends and I were once joking about me having 666 friends, a Christian contributed, “This is real excitin.’ ”

There is not space for many other insults from Christians, but a final one emailed to a relative was, “I am sorry to see his attitude descend as it has. I think Wendel has personal or emotional reasons … since (his) unbelief is not founded on rationalism. Only experiencing God and seeing the love and freedom that true believers have can work the mystery.”

Despite my intellect, integrity, physical appearance and residence being demeaned by “Christians,” I’m too busy reading researched-inspired works and working out to nourish my mind and treat my body like a temple to knock the white out of them.

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