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Letter to the editor - June 7


June 7, 2018

Players have other options for work

I was completely aghast — no, the better word would be dumbfounded — by the Viewpoint about the NFL anthem rule in the May 30 Eastern New Mexico News.

The players choice of to stand or not to stand kinda makes us feel sorry for them — not!

In the sixth paragraph it is printed: “This solution of compulsory patriotism is discomforting, especially when football players have no real options to work elsewhere.”

In this same day’s newspaper, there is a huge section of help-wanted ads for jobs that include:

• managing a fireworks stand

• truck drivers

• program director

• sales professionals

• concrete foreman

• car detailers

• laborers

• payroll clerk

• mill workers

• house framers

• controllers

• swather operators

• educators

• night watchman

• pen riders and on and on and on.

Maybe the football players have no option to work elsewhere in the real world where a good salary is like $20 an hour or $41,600 per year instead of the millions and millions of dollars they get for playing a game.

If the Viewpoint was trying to get us to feel sorry for the few football players who try to get a point across by disrespecting our flag, they didn’t score with me.

Theressa Bradley



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