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Letters to the editor - June 1


June 1, 2018

Taking away rec center will hinder, not help

Regarding city of Portales’ plans to create an “entertainment venue” in the Portales Recreation Center:

Why would you change something “great” that will hinder the lives of our residents?

The Rec Center has been a place that kids love to go and be with their friends — from freedom after school to fun in the sun to field trips.

The workers have made a relationship with the young lives of our youth. These relationships will impact these kids the rest of their lives.

Do you know how many times I have heard Jodi said this or TJ taught me that, my friend Raigan taught me to roller blade or I danced with my friends at the dance or, oh my, the haunted house was the best yet!

I know I am not the only parent that has heard these stories over the years. These influential people have helped raise our kids. It truly takes a community to raise our children.

Yes, Portales does need something for our kids to do, but why take away something great and already in place for entertainment?

Our community has a lot of young families … why make it harder to live here?

Yes more entertainment would be nice, but we have to survive first. Why not look at buildings in our community that are empty to be the new home of the entertainment venue? The Rec Center is definitely a need in our community. How many kids through the year has the Rec Center and staff mentored? Kept out of trouble and off the streets? What will these kids do after school and in the summer? Will these kids be safe? How many families would this impact? An idol mind is the devil’s playground.

I am asking for prayer for our city and our community to keep a great program in the future.

Shauna Wade


Legality of immigrants important

There is a lot of talk about immigrants.

One word that is often left off is whether they are legal or illegal.

I am an immigrant. Most of us are.

Someone who comes here illegally can’t expect the same treatment as one who is legal.

When speaking of immigrants, we need to ask ourselves: Are they legal or illegal?

Shara Ross Hays

Wolfforth, Texas


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