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Letter to the editor - May 23


May 23, 2018

Steps we can take before arming teachers

I recently saw a program about Southwestern High School in Shelbyville, Indiana. It has been named “The safest school in America.”

The preventions that they have implemented make so much sense. The entire system costs about $400,000.

They were able to accomplish this through grants and other funding.

I know this sounds like an astronomical amount of money, but can you pick out a child at one of our schools and tell them, “You are not worth the money?” Could you tell your own child, “You are not worth the money?”

Our children deserve to be safe at school. Our teachers deserve to be able to teach, not be gun-toting guards.

Every time there is a school shooting our politicians verbalize their condolences, say they will make some changes, and spew out a handful of promises; however, we never see any action or positive results.

We, as parents, grandparents, and taxpayers have to step up to the plate and make ourselves heard. We can no longer wait on our politicians to save our children.

Even if we cannot afford the entire system that Southwestern High School has, maybe we can take a look at it and implement some of their ideas before we ask our teachers to arm themselves.

Robin Montano



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