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By Audra Brown
Down on the farm 

No lack of seats in ag


March 16, 2018

If standing wasn’t so tiring, I don’t think we’d be nearly as interested in finding ways to sit. But given that it does take a toll, there’s sense in finding alternatives.

Sitting is a surprisingly common situation on any given day somewhere in the agriculture business.

Sitting in a pickup is common to both the field and pasture and in between, and is one of the more comfortable and flexible seats to find yourself in. Jobs that get done from that seat are often quicker or at least not-uninclined to be subject to stopping for a break (even if that is just getting out and getting a gate).

Another common perk is that a pickup is usually packed with all the things you need to feel at home and will get you home at the end of the day instead of having to be left in the field.

…or left in the pen, or otherwise taken care of and not just turned off and left where you quit …

That is, in the case when the seat you’ve been sitting in all day is a saddle. The horseback seat is known for being something akin to comfortable while you’re in it. Being a special form of sitting, it neither translates nor transitions to sitting anything that isn’t your saddle — or even standing normally — once you call it a day and put your feet back on the ground.

Back in the field, the tractor seat is the seat to sit in as you make your passes. It isn’t guaranteed to be comfortable, but on the newer end of things, it can be so nice as to be self-leveling and air-powered. It might have a bit of spin to it, and both armrests functional. At the very least, it usually has a back, and some kind of padding material.

Hours and days and years spent in these seats have their ups and downs and broken radios, but I’ve come to realize how little there is to complain about when you have all the room you want to swing your feet.

There’s nothing like flying coach to remind you to be thankful for space.

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