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Best things high on hand-me-down chain


March 2, 2018

Hand-me-downs are a thing that happens just about everywhere.

Older siblings pass down clothes, toys, and maybe even a few lessons to their younger siblings, cousins, or even friends. It’s economical and can sometimes result in better stuff than if you’d bought it new. Nobody likes to break in the sorts of things that need to be broken in.

Of course, there are some things that are best just thrown away when the original owner can’t use them anymore, but let’s not focus on those.

Country kids trade a lot of carefree time for responsibility. There are perks — and from a distance, they seem alright.

There are a lot of things that you have, but there are not many that you get new.

When the older sibling proves competent enough to go do some work without supervision, they have to have a way to get to those jobs that are farther than the barn. They are excited to get to call a pickup their own (if only to themselves) and it’s likely that somebody higher up the hand-me-down chain gets excited to get something a little newer.

Whether its Mom’s old pickup or that one that your uncle used to drive that still runs good enough to get to the field and back most of the time, it’s OK, and the radio works.

It may be forever until you have a new one to call your own, but being one of the first hands to hold that steering wheel that wasn’t handed down before, is a good place to be.

Because the next time a new driver needs wheels, you’ve had your second-hand wheel long enough that it’s time to move one. And so the third-hand gets it passed down and the second-hand gets something that’s not as old, and so on down the line until it rusts into pieces or encounters some more exciting end such as catching on fire while you’re out checking cows.

The purpose of a pickup is to get there more than breaking down. A few hands down, all the luxuries are all the more rare. Starting, going, stopping (eventually) — is all that’s required. Door latches, multiple headlights, radio, cushioned seats, colored exteriors, and reverse are optional.

Audra Brown has been a high-ranked hand with a functioning radio. Contact her at: [email protected]


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