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Cup holders best feature ever


October 27, 2017

The important features of your daily mode of personal transportation are why we acquire it, what we brag most about, and what we miss the most when they are no longer available.

We won’t talk about the little things that are tricky when we go vehicle shopping. Let’s focus on the best part, asking the most important questions.

Which of the coolest things does it have that I need, want, and would like to try? And of course, how many of each one and where?

Cup holders are important no matter who you are, but maybe the range of uses might expand or differ. A farmer needs those handy holders for his cup of iced tea, the spare bolts that he can’t put back in until tomorrow and needs to run to town to get more of and can’t leave under the tractor because then they might disappear and if you put them in your pocket, they’ll get mixed up with the ones from two days ago that go to the sprayer instead — or maybe they just don’t quite fit in your pocket.

The rancher might have his coffee thermos and a cup of oats for his favorite horse — though it’s more likely that it’s just an ornery horse and you need the treat to get close enough to catch it.

Or maybe you’re just me and you need it for the morning coffee mug, the iced-tea cup, the water bottle for making more espresso, and the portable espresso maker that needs a cup holder of its own in which to live.

It all about storage. You’ve got to have a place to put your tools and your spare parts and your emergency rations.

Door pockets are also features. That fold-down console is an all-time winner that is sadly not seen so often these days. Cubbies and slots that are convenient but don’t let everything bounce out when you drive over rough roads and sprinkler tracks are a wishful vision that maybe someday will appear and never depart. And a dash that is either not tempting to put stuff on at all or is clearly intended for keeping stuff up there. I’ll believe in that the day I see it, but hey, stranger things have happened.

Cup holders are so universally important that they got this whole column, so enjoy all that you have, while you have them, because you might end up like my pickup and have your cup-holding capacities suddenly and tragically cut in half.

Audra Brown doesn’t have a place to put her horse’s snacks, alas. Contact her at: [email protected]


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