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Husband rises to fashion challenge


September 17, 2017

Would you let your significant other dress you for a week? That's what one woman did when she decided to do a styling experiment surrendering a week of outfits to her husband's whims.

She said at first it sounded like torture, but credits his experience with a stylish mother and sisters for raising her confidence in the experiment. Also, she has been with her husband for 11 years so he has a pretty good idea of her taste in style.

When shopping his wife's closet to find an outfit for day one, he stumbled upon a silk jumper with her favorite pair of shoes — a look he had seen her wear before. Then, he added a nice white blazer to complete the look. Normally, his wife would wear her favorite biker jacket with the outfit but he considered that she had a meeting the first thing that morning and thought a blazer would be more appropriate.

We have to give this husband credit for that thought. He considered what he knew she would wear and put a little spin on it with his own preference. Normally, wives ask their husbands what they think about an outfit only to end up choosing the opposite. I'm sure that's annoying. But any good husband knows to play the game anyway.

However, this brave young experimenter gained a totally different perspective by allowing her husband to select her week's fashions. By the second day, the husband was already settling into his stylist role as he selected a black lacy top with a pair of skinny jeans and red heels for a pop of color. By day three he was matching a new brown handbag to a pair of her brown shoes — showing that he had gotten accessorizing down. On Thursday, he dressed her in a leather dress, a stack of bangles for her wrist and a chic black leather handbag and heels. By this time, the wife realized how much she had underestimated her husband. On Friday, she was praying for flats because her husband had been pushing her to step up her fashion by putting her in heels all week. But he chose ripped skinnies and a favorite sweatshirt with sneakers for the casual workday.

Although she said she didn’t hate her selected outfits, it gave her perspective on how to rework a lot of her unused items — a challenge that we could all consider. So, before you say you don't have anything to wear, just ask your husband.

D’Nieka Hartsfield writes for The Eastern New Mexico News. Contact her at [email protected] or find her Facebook.


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