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By Karl Terry

Terry: Pray, however you feel appropriate


September 3, 2017

The last week or so has been a sad and worrisome time for people in our area. A lot of praying going on — sometimes that’s the best thing we can do.

As Harvey strengthened to a hurricane and then a Category 4 hurricane the concern started for my wife and I as it bore down on the area where we had lived right after Hurricane Andrew.

We haven’t really stayed in contact with folks in Bay City, Texas, but the last thing we wanted was for the town to be destroyed by a hurricane. Landfall occurred a long way to the west and the area mostly got a lot of rain.

We went on to church on Sunday despite the fact we had no water in Portales as Houston was becoming inundated. The service concentrated strictly on prayer. We got prayer requests from lots of folks, some we didn’t even know were suffering, Some trying to work through overwhelming trials.

Later that evening we found out that the danger for Bay City hadn’t passed and now the Colorado River was expected to flood every structure in town and cover the downtown in 10 feet of water.

Found out about that time that a cousin’s house in Houston had water creeping up toward the doors and a man from our church headed for a mission trip in Africa had been stranded in the Houston area and eventually had to evacuate to another area.

All of those concerns were quickly moved to the back burner when word came that the Clovis-Carver Library had become the site of a mass shooting Monday afternoon.

“This doesn’t happen here.”

We can’t make sense of why these things happen, so we pray. Humans are weak and we often don’t get on our knees to pray until we’re knocked there by life’s circumstance. It shouldn’t be that way but we’re human and believe it or not God knows we’re human and broken. He wants us to pray without ceasing but knows we won’t. He’ll listen to us anyway.

While things in Clovis continued to get heavier as the week went on the sun came out in south Texas. Bay City wasn’t flooded, airports opened for travelers to continue on their journeys and Clovis and Portales gathered up supplies to send to folks displaced by floodwaters.

We’ve got a lot of praying left to do. South Texas residents are going to be years returning their lives to normal, and the pain of not being able to understand the twisted mind of a troubled teen is going to linger in the Clovis area.

I ask you to keep up your prayers over the coming weeks. Don’t tell folks on social media that you’re “praying.” Just do it, the prayers will be felt without you telling us they’re on the way. Attend candlelight vigils to pray if that’s your style, lock yourself in your closet to pray if you prefer but keep it up even when answers seem like a long shot.

Karl Terry writes for Clovis Media Inc. Contact him at: [email protected]


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