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Gospel group performing in Texico


July 21, 2017

TEXICO — A “New Legacy” is coming to Pleasant Hill Baptist Church.

The church near Texico, located at 291 State Road 77 will host a performance by the New Legacy Project 7 p.m. Sunday.

The New Legacy Project has its roots in a 30s Gospel quartet, Blackwood Brothers, which toured until the late 90s, according to Tour Coordinator Bobbie Frye.

“The last existing member of Blackwood Brothers Quartet passed away in the late 90s, but another lead singer continued on the legacy,” Frye said.

According to Frye, the group toured under the name “Blackwood Legacy Quartet,” they eventually decided to, “put down the name of the family (and) start a new legacy.”

Jim Peabody, pastor at Pleasant Hill Baptist, said the church has hosted the group once before and he has been working on a second booking ever since.

Now that New Legacy is returning to Texico, Peabody said, he cannot wait to hear them perform again.

“They’re definitely a really great singing group,” Peabody said.

The performance is open to the public and free of charge, according to Peabody. The church will be taking up a “love offering” to alleviate the financial strain for travel and accommodations for the New Legacy Project which is based out of Nashville.

Church member, Elaine Cain said New Legacy mainly ministers to smaller churches and do not take payment to perform at any of the locations they visit.

“They keep it light and funny and we have a good time when they come,” Cain said.

Frye agreed saying, “ these guys have a real comedic sense.”

Cheryl Whitener, a music and worship leader at Pleasant Hill, said her favorite part of hearing them perform is their beautiful harmonies while performing many of the original pieces by the Blackwood Brothers Quartet.

Today, New Legacy has five members, according to Frye, and the group has been bringing in a more contemporary sound into the mix.

“(The group) is less of a tribute and more of a nod to the old traditions of the original Gospel quartet,” Frye said.

However, she added, some traditions remain strong, including the recognizable “really tight harmonies.”

The group’s transition into a more contemporary sound is a way for them to reach a wider audience, Frye said.

“With today’s culture we needed more contemporary music in the group,” she said. “People are searching for something and every song you hear even on a general radio station, people are looking for.... something deeper in their lives and our music reflects that.”

Frye also said, “the favorite component (for the group) is that they get to do exactly what they love all the time,” and that their goal is “camaraderie, harmony and working together for a common goal to lift up others.”


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