Golf course pool may become entertainment area


April 26, 2017

Kevin Wilson

The pool at the Colonial Park Golf Course, unused since the city purchased it as part of the country club, is recommended to be paved over and converted into an entertainment area.

CLOVIS — The pool at Colonial Park Golf Course is in such disrepair, any restoration would essentially require building a new one from scratch.

Instead, the city's Parks, Recreation and Beautification committee hopes an entertainment area will be a better and cheaper use of the 8,400 square feet.

Parks and Recreation Director Mark Dayhoff presented preliminary plans and a total estimate of $89,141 to the committee at its Monday meeting.

The department plans to fill in the pool and create an area equipped with a 20 square-foot metal shelter, small patches of landscaping, room for tables, seating, an entertainment set up and a dance floor.

The first portion of alterations, including the addition of plumbing, landscaping and electricity as well as additional cosmetic and logistic changes, is estimated at $77,864. A doorway to the renovated area, Dayhoff said, as well as updated lighting will come up to about $11,277 in additional costs.

"The time frame for the project," said Dayhoff, "is for it to be finished by late July or early August."

Dayhoff also discussed using bubble rock, which can have water bubbling out as a low-cost cosmetic addition.

The pool has not been used since the city acquired the former country club in 2011.

Members of the parks and recreation committee allowed Dayhoff some latitude to make adjustments to the plans, including the location of the shelter and the bubble rock.

Committee members voted unanimously to recommend the plans to the Clovis city commission for final approval. The committee gave Dayhoff latitude to make changes to the proposal between now and its presentation to the city commission, with the stipulation those adjustments fall within a $2,000 range.

The meeting also held a discussion regarding updates at the High Plains Motor Speedway.

Brad Harris, general manager of the High Plains Motor Speedway, requested funds for LED lighting on the track and bleacher updates.

Harris said both items would help defray costs for the organization.

"Getting quality aluminum bleachers will decrease insurance by $300 a month," said Harris. "If our electric (bill) goes down (because of the lighting) I can pay drivers more and build up the audience"

The total cost for the new bleachers, including shipping from Connecticut, said Harris, is $26,713. The committee voted to contribute $27,000 from the parks and recreation budget to pay for the new bleachers.

Interim City Manager Tom Phelps said he would draft a business agreement between the city and High Plains Motor Speedway for future funding to update to LED lighting.


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