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Student of the week: Student tries to work hard

Editor’s note: This is one in a series profiling local students each week.

Jude Urioste, 13, an eighth grade student at Portales Junior High School, enjoys participating in a subject that students typically find challenging.

“I like to do math and stuff. A lot of people don’t really like it, but it makes me feel good. I get good grades on it,” he said.

Urioste also plays basketball and football. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games on his two consoles, a PlayStation 4 and an Xbox One.

What is the most important thing that you have learned in school so far?

I really haven’t learned anything that helps me. I’ve learned stuff that helps me like math and stuff, but nothing that will help me outside of school really; things that they say will help me outside of school, but nothing’s really helped me. I don’t really remember the stuff that I’ve learned. I’m guessing I’ve learned some good stuff.

What do you do to keep yourself motivated in school?

I just think, ‘all this will pay off in the future.’ I just work harder every time.

What makes you excited for high school? What makes you nervous?

I’m excited, because my family is usually really good at sports. I’m just hoping that I can play high school football with my brother, because whenever he’s a senior, I’m gonna be a sophomore. I’m gonna try to play varsity as a sophomore to play with my older brother.

I’m just nervous for trying to make good grades in high school for college. I want to try to make it to a pretty good college, but if I don’t have good grades, then I won’t make it, so I’m nervous for that.

What is your favorite part of school?

My favorite part has probably been the sports. I’ve had some good moments in sports where people tell me I did a good job and stuff, and that just makes me feel good. The teachers go to my games usually, and at school, they just talk about it and that makes me feel good.

Compiled by Staff Writer Eamon Scarbrough