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Education: Student of the week


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Itzel Hernandez, 16, is a junior at Portales High School.

The subject she is most interested in is math, which she likes because she is good at it.

She said she enjoys math, because “it’s just mostly been easy for me since going through all of my classes since fifth grade.”


Hernandez is an athlete, who has played soccer, basketball and track in high school.

“I might try tennis this year,” she said.

What sport is your favorite?

Definitely basketball.

Was there a time when you realized you had a passion for basketball?

I have to say seventh grade year, because I never got any playing time or anything, but I still enjoyed going to practices and just doing drills and just playing the game. In eighth grade, I started and played pretty much the whole game.

What can you see yourself being happy doing in the future?

What would make me the happiest would be to travel the world. That’s my biggest thing on my checklist to do in the future.

Where do you want to travel?

Honestly, everywhere. I just want to explore everything. It’s so interesting. I love Bora Bora. That’s my main place.

Describe your proudest achievement.

My proudest moment was eighth grade year, whenever we were in the tournament. I didn’t even score that much points, but it was just such a good game, because I got two free throws, two lay-ups and then two three-pointers. On one of the three pointers, I didn’t even know I shot. I just threw it up, and both of my legs cramped in six places. So I just dropped to the floor. I didn’t even know I shot, but I made it, and then that tied up the game. Then they made me chug pickle juice, because I guess it would help. It didn’t help. It just made me puke. So I puked, and then I went back into the game, and I scored a lay-up. I guess that was just a really good game for me.

— Compiled by Staff Writer Eamon Scarbrough


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