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Hartsfield: Style tips for the relaxed mom


July 15, 2016

D'Nieka Hartsfield NiekaStyle

Do you ever think about your street style? Has your style evolved or have you surrendered it to all of life’s crazy demands?

There’s the woman who’s always in her head about what to wear the next day and makes her style a priority. She is never caught looking less than


chic. Planning an outfit in advance is no uncommon task for most women — primarily the working mom.

The mom whose work is at home has a style that tells a different story. She has a very relaxed dress code that eventually ends up being her street style as well. When you see mom out grocery shopping with or without her kids, she’s in yoga pants and tennis shoes. Where did her style go?

She may not be Instagram-ready but she can run laps for her demanding lifestyle better in yoga pants than she can in heels. Even so, most moms are always looking forward to dressing up. When you love clothes, wanting to play dress up doesn’t stay in your childhood.

Whether you’re a mom who’s in the job force or who works in the home, there are always a few subtle ways to express your style without trying so hard even on your most demanding days.

Accessories and more accessories! Wear a cute pair of earrings when you want to feel a little more stylish in your leisure clothing.

Next, it should only take a few minutes to apply your choice of light makeup before running to the store. Besides, it’s when you’re looking your worst that you run into everyone you know.

Style your hair a little bit more on occasion and wear your best sunglasses. Get a manicure. Do the subtle things that count to you so, when you step out in public, you don’t feel the need to run errands in a 10-second 100-meter dash to hurry back home.

D’Nieka Hartsfield writes about individual style and the latest fashion. Contact her at dhartsfield Follow her on Instagram @niekastyle.


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