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Boswell: Putting in personal request for duet at 2017 Jamboree

For the first time, I put in a personal request for next year’s Floyd Lions Club Country Jamboree with the jamboree band.

Chek Rippee has always been a personal favorite for me, because I love the fiddle, and he plays a mean fiddle.

But as I watched the show Thursday night, I realized someone else has joined Rippee in my top slot as favorite jamboree musician.

Duane Castleberry is not only a very talented drum player, but you can tell he has a blast playing the instrument. And watching him loving every minute of it just makes it all the more fun to listen to him play.

Alisa Boswell

As I sat and watched these two talented musicians, I had the thought, I want to see these two perform a duet, because that would be no less than awesome.

While interviewing band members during the show’s intermission, I put forth that request for next year’s show, saying I didn’t know if a duet between those two instruments existed but if it doesn’t, they need to invent one.

The two musicians laughed and said they would likely have to invent one.

For the record, Mr. Castleberry and Mr. Rippee, upon Googling fiddle and drum duets, I found none, but I found a variety of violin and drum duets, and it is my firm belief that if there can be violin and drum duets, there can be fiddle and drum duets — the fiddle and violin are the same instrument, after all.

The Khromatiks are an excellent team for giving a prime example of a beautiful drum/violin duo — type them into YouTube and enjoy the experience.

With this discovery being made, I fully expect my request for the 2017 Floyd Jamboree to be fulfilled — Just sayin.’

Alisa Boswell is managing editor of the Portales News-Tribune. He can be contacted at 575-356-4481, or by email:

[email protected]

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