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Our graduates — April 16


April 15, 2015


Editor’s note: Following is one in a series of profiles about graduating high school seniors.

Faith Triumphant Christian School Seniors

Tasha Cathey, 18, would like to attend Eastern New Mexico University in the fall. “It seems like a great school and I can stay in my hometown while

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I’m figuring out exactly what I want to study in college,” she said. Cathey said she is interested in many degrees but has not yet decided which one she will pursue.

Cathey participated in basketball and volleyball during high school, and said both activities helped her become a more confident person.

“Both sports also taught me dedication because you must be dedicated to your team and the sport,” Cathey said. “Now when I start something in life, I will dedicate myself to it and not quit things as easily as before.”

What opportunities have you been provided with in attending a Christian school rather than a public school?

I have been very blessed in the opportunities I have been provided with in attending a Christian school. One reason is because I am taught about the Bible every day. I am also around very joyful, inspiring people who are always there to help me in my school work, personal life, and walk with God. My school is also very small, so I became closer with my classmates and I’m provided with extra help in my schoolwork from my teachers that I maybe would not get if I were at a public school.

Are there any particular lessons that you were inspired by during your high school journey?

Lessons that have inspired me in my high school journey were how much my teachers and coaches encouraged me to do my best, which helps push me to work harder for my future.

Michelle Castillo, 18, plans on attending ENMU in the fall. “I’ve heard that it is a really good school to go to, and it is really close to home,” she said.

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Castillo said she wants to be a teacher because she has always enjoyed being around little children.

Castillo participated in basketball and volleyball during high school. “These activities taught me leadership, perseverance, teamwork, how to be a better person, and to think of others before myself,” she said.

Was your senior year your most memorable year of high school? Why or why not?

Yes, because I have gotten closer to friends and I have accomplished many goals in both school and sports.

What is an assignment you completed during high school that you are proud of?

My science research paper.

Cody Hughes, 17, plans on becoming an apprentice under an electrician after he graduates. “Electricity has always interested me,” he said.

Hughes said the main activity he played in high school was basketball. “Basketball taught me leadership and also perseverance,” he said.

Which memories from high school are the ones that you think you will share with your children and grandchildren?

When my school played an April Fool’s prank on the kids by putting a sign on the door that said, “Wait three seconds and the door will open

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If you had the opportunity to invite any guest speaker to your graduation, who would it be and why?

My favorite guest speaker would be Willie Robertson because he is not afraid to speak out for what he believes in.

Shelby Neece, 18, plans to work until she decides what she would like to pursue.

“I enjoy taking care of little kids, but I’m not sure what I want to study in college that relates to that area,” she said. Neece said she has always enjoyed taking care of the children that she has baby-sat for over the years.

Neece was involved with volleyball and basketball during high school and said the activities have impacted her life in many ways. “ They taught me to how to become a leader, to have self-discipline, to encourage others, and to work hard to achieve my goals,” she said.

Neece said the sports also helped her build trust with her teammates and brought her closer to them. “Playing sports has taught me to be dedicated in all that I do and to be selfless,” she said.

Are there any classes you weren’t able to take that you wish you could have?

Yes, I wish I could have taken agriculture to learn new things and I know that I would have had fun learning in that class. I also wish that I could have

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been a part of FFA to be a part of something besides just volleyball and basketball, and to learn more as well.

Have you been inspired by any of your fellow students? How so?

Yes, all of my classmates have inspired me because they all show me to be myself, and to always put God first.

—Compiled by Staff Writer Jackie Johnson


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