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Cantwell: Let children soar, stay grounded in God

Years ago I discovered a poem by an unknown author called “Children are like Kites.”

My children were young at the time and I cried looking ahead because I knew it was true. Our role as parents would be to get them off the ground, run breathlessly alongside to get them airborne, watch them crash, patch them up, reassure them. Then we release the twine that holds them close, and watch them soar in the heavens free and with God.

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My first release of the twine was my son’s first day in kindergarten. We had practiced how to make friends by saying, “Hi my name is Daniel. What is your name?” I stood in the classroom doorway and watched him say those words to a boy who became his best buddy.

In fourth grade Daniel begged to ride his bike to school. Permission was finally granted. Daniel was trained in bike-riding safety by his father, prayed over by the whole family then released to go. Unknown to him, I followed in the car three blocks behind him, crying the whole way. I finally pulled the car over and said to the Lord, “I know that I cannot keep him safe but you can. I am releasing him to you Lord into your hands I place my son for life.” I turned and went home.

Less than 30 minutes later, my husband was notified that a car had bumped Daniel’s bike at an intersection, but he was fine. I jumped into my car remembering the Bible verse Mark 4:15, “…where the word is sown, Satan comes immediately to take the word away.” But I refused to let go of my words to the Lord. I said, “Lord you are so good to show me immediately that you heard and answered my prayer. When I arrived at school Daniel had a red spot on his ankle, which disappeared within the hour.

Through the years I have watched Daniel as a Burlington Northern Santa Fe conductor, as a New Mexico State graduate, as a husband whose wife flies tandem with him, as a defense attorney in Kingsport, Tennessee.

The day etched in my soul was the day Daniel graduated from Liberty University School of Law. I watched him as he came forward with his hat cocked, grinning like a Cheshire cat, flying high as a kite to receive his diploma.

Our children were meant to fly.

Pat Cantwell writes about faith for Clovis Media Inc. Contact her at:

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