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Sister says family found bloody knife

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The sister of homicide victim Ariel Ulibarri says her family found a bloody knife near the walking trail where Ulibarri died Sunday. They found it Monday morning, hours after crime scene tape had been removed from the area, Leanna Montano said.

“It was stabbed in the ground with blood drenched on it, still,” Montano told talk show host Nancy Grace in a nationally televised interview that took place Wednesday.

Montano said her mother told Grace about the knife earlier Wednesday and when Grace asked Montano about it, “I didn’t want to make my mother look like a liar.”

Montano said Friday police have asked her to stop talking about the knife and so she declined to provide any additional information.

Clovis police have declined to respond to the Grace report and multiple questions from Clovis Media Inc..

Investigators have said Ulibarri was stabbed to death with a knife, but will not answer questions about the weapon. In a press release issued Thursday, they said “several items of trace evidence were obtained from the scene,” but declined to elaborate. The evidence was submitted to the Department of Public Safety crime lab in Santa Fe for processing, the release said.

In an interview Thursday, Montano told Clovis Media Inc., “Me and my family are not happy with the police department. They know we are not happy; they know my dad is really not happy.”

Ulibarri, 23, was found dead about 7:30 Sunday morning at Goodwin Lake walking trails off of North Prince Street.

Police were called after witnesses said they heard loud screaming and found a woman dead east of the main entrance to the trail.

Police have said they have no suspects in the case.

They ask anyone with information contact the police department by dialing 911 and asking for a detective.

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