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Road work on cusp of completion

Staff report

As winter weather makes its way into Portales, city officials plan to wrap up construction and prepare for snow and ice.

Portales Public Works Director John DeSha said the city will be finishing out road work at the intersection of South Avenue B and Third Street by the end of November, weather permitting.

The intersection construction is part of a larger street improvement project by the city of Portales that aims to repair intersections that see a high flow of traffic.

DeSha said the asphalt at high-traffic intersections is being replaced with concrete pads that will last longer under the stop-and-go daily traffic.

“The concrete pads at high-traffic areas take the wear and tear off of the asphalt,” DeSha said.

link Joshua Lucero: staff photo

Construction at the intersection of South Avenue B and 3rd Street awaits better weather before Portales road department workers can pour concrete. Public Works Director John DeSha said the construction at the intersection is part of a city wide road improvement project that will pour concrete pads at heavily trafficked areas to prevent wear and tear.

DeSha said the city has already performed the intersection improvements at 18th Street and Avenue C, 15th Street and Globe, and Fifth Street and Main Avenue.

DeSha said the city hoped to get to one more intersection before the cold weather hit, but will wait until next season to continue the intersection improvement projects.

“We’re probably not going to get any more done this season,” DeSha said of the projects.

DeSha added, “We’ll still be doing the routine road patching that we do year round.”

DeSha said the city’s road department has begun to prepare for the winter season as construction winds down.

The city has prepared a spreader truck capable of dispersing a mixture of sand and salt onto icy roadways and intersections.

“The sand is used for traction, and it’s dark so when the sun comes out it heats up and helps with the melting process,” DeSha said.

DeSha said the city also has a truck capable of carrying the sand and salt mixture and a crew to shovel it out if needed.

In the case of a heavy amount of snow, the city has two road graders it uses to move snow as well as two loaders and three backhoes for snow removal.

“We’ve only had to move snow twice in the last three years,” DeSha said.

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