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Football and family

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Marcus Smith works in his decorated office which shows off his love for his family, the Seahawks and Batman. Smith work for Clovis Community College as a the director of counseling and advising.

Marcus Smith is all about family, whether it is raising his daughter or being around his Clovis Community College family, he enjoys both.

Smith grew up in Hereford, Texas, and came to Eastern New Mexico University on a football scholarship to play offensive line. He also started to get his master’s degree and started to coach. When he needed an internship, he came to Clovis Community College where he wanted to pursue a career in college advising.

Now five years later, Smith is the director of counseling and advising, where he oversees the entire department and helps other advisors with degree program changes and will help out students.

“It’s my favorite job; you get to see students as freshmen and then watch them grow and then graduate in two years,” Smith said.

Outside of work, Smith still loves football as he roots for the Seattle Seahawks and referees flag football.

He also loves to grill and spend time with his daughter MacKayla.

Now what do you like about working at Clovis Community College? We are so close here and the faculty and staff all work together. It’s a great atmosphere to work in and you get to know the students very well too. We are a big family.

How did you become a Seahawks fan? Well my father was a Dallas Cowboys fan and so my brothers and I split away from that. One of my brothers is a Packers fan and another is a Bears fan. I went more west for my team. So watching football with my family is a lot of yelling and my mom’s favorite team is the Broncos, so no one has the same favorite team.

Does your daughter like football? Yes, she does. She knows that Sunday is football night so she will sit with me and watch some game with me.

What do you like about Clovis? Clovis has that small-town feel without being too small and the community is tight knit. It works perfectly for me.

So you’re also a Batman fan? Oh, I am a big Batman fan. I watched the cartoon when I was younger and I love the movies too.

So with grilling do you experiment at all on the grill?

I always try to do new things on the grill like grilling different meat like fish, shrimp and vegetables. I don’t get to experiment as much as I would like to, but I love to cook for my family.

What are favorite memories playing football at ENMU? There are so many, but I remember the wagon wheel game and it was at (West Texas A&M) and there were thousands of people at the game. It was a blast to play even though we lost. The game also went into overtime. Also every time we played Kingsville and the ghost of Blackwater Draw would come out on the field. I just have so many memories at the stadium. I will miss the stadium when it’s gone, but I’m excited about the new stadium.

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