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Looking from a credibility standpoint

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As I was taking my Saturday afternoon shower, disappointingly watching what I thought was my next layer of tan rapidly go down the drain due to the fact it was dirt from mowing, it got me thinking about a couple of things.


• I have to admit this took me 30 years myself to figure out, but to be honest I really do not shop that much. How come people go through carton upon carton of eggs to find the perfect dozen? I have seen others do this and frankly caught myself doing this at Easter.

Why not take two cartons, open them both, and replace the bad eggs from one carton with the good eggs from the other? Just think about the time and frustration you can save by doing this.

• I have made a point to not get involved in the politics, but I cannot help myself on this one. I have on a couple of occasions driven past an abandoned, run-down property with a sign to vote for a candidate.

Now I have asked others and have been told that I am overthinking it. I have to disagree. The initial intention of candidates’ signs being put out at people’s houses was because that house endorsed the candidate.

So when I see an empty, dilapidated property with a candidate sign on it, I apply the same principles. There is no one at that house, so who is endorsing the candidate?

I would think all potential candidates would want to promote economic growth and development. Having your sign in front of these properties suggests you endorse what you see on the property, especially if you are proposing change.

• I do understand the formula that increased exposure = quantity X size, but I do believe that many people in the marketing world miss that credibility = quality X product placement.

What you will notice in my two formulas is that increased exposure does not = credibility. Credibility creates success, not just increased exposure.

Yes, I am rambling in a way, but if you really think about it from a credibility standpoint, you should be able to see the connection. But for now it is time for my number one hobby.

By the way, stay tuned. I will be hosting a series of open houses in November in all three of our markets. This will give you the chance to visit with me, brainstorm on additional ideas for localized content, or just take a few minutes and chat with me.

Details to come.

Robert Arrowsmith is publisher of Clovis Media Inc. Contact him at:

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