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Nieka Style: No thanks, I'm just brow-sing

link D'Nieka Hartsfield

While thumbing through my Instagram feed I stopped on a promo for an eyebrow-filling product. It was not your ordinary brown pencil you use to fill in the gaps for a more defined brow but it was like a mascara product for fuller looking brows.

If you don’t know already, the latest cosmetic fad is the thick eyebrow. So yes, thin is definitely not in. I thought, hmm, this is Interesting considering my once “born with it” super thick eyebrows are tweezered subsequent to a barely-there brow. Or at least this is how I see them.

Those of us who have spent years plucking away our eyebrows know that after a certain period of time there is no going back. Some of you probably can relate to the irritating process of trying to grow in a fuller brow because when the hair does come in, it grows everywhere but on the attempted brow line.

It will grow above it, below it and to the side of it but for the life of you, it just won’t flll in the gaps you once faithfully plucked away. I can’t say the same result goes for the waxers and shavers.

But your follicles can only take so much hair ripping until they just won’t grow anymore. So, now you’ve resorted to eyebrow products and if you’re brave, eyebrow tattooing.

The new technologies include but are not limited to a dipbrow pomade that is not supposed to smudge but will give a fuller look. There’s also this perfection gel that I mentioned earlier, which is a mascara wand basically that you swipe across your brow where the product latches on to the hair already there to add fullness.

Then of course, there are various pencils to use. One claiming to add a more natural look than the other.

I, for one, use pencils. My technique to fill them in is using a dabbing motion opposed to drawing them on. For example, I dab in the spaces I would want the hair to grow. After that, I will use a tissue wrapped around my pointer finger and outline my brow to clean up any dab-overs to taper them off.

If you decide to tattoo your brows, there are really great artists out there who can make them look very natural. I was at a salon in Southeast Texas once, and the owner had the nicest brows I had seen in a long time. I looked closer and I noticed they were just too perfect. So, I had to do it.

“Are your eyebrows real,” I asked. She said, “no ma’am,” and proceeded to explain the technique of tattooing in one hair at a time. So, I would suggest doing your homework on a more permanent solution because before this encounter I had no idea this option was even out there.

D’Nieka Hartsfield writes for Clovis News Journal and Portales News-Tribune. You can contact her at

[email protected] or find her on Facebook.