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amos the churchmouse: never-neverland nightmare

Editor’s note: Amos is a churchmouse, who types by hopping on the computer keyboard, but he can’t work the capital shift, and he shuns punctuation marks – except hyphens and dashes.

never-neverland nightmare

it started out as a

sweet innocent dream

boss there i was lying

in a field of swiss

cheese somehow i had

won the cheese

manufacturers clearing

house sweepstakes and

the cheese patrol came

knocking on my door

then all of a sudden a green

frog came riding across

my dream on an ugly stickhorse

froggie came a courtin

and he did ride uh-huh

he sang with a deep-

throated twang

froggie came a courtin

and he did ride

sword and pistol by his

side uh-huh

what s going on here

says me

i m looking for miss

mousie says he i ve

looked in the bushes and

i ve looked in the trees

but all i can find are leaves

but you re in the

middle of my dream

says i starting to scream

just then peter pan

flew by chasing the

rabbit from alice in

wonderland with alice

in hot pursuit

leave mr rabbit alone

says she to peter pan

how will he ever be

late to anywhere

what s going on says me

in the middle of my field

of cheese can t anyone

help me and get me back

to my dream please

never fear underdog is here

says this strange-looking

caped animal

now i m really afraid says

me wondering if last night s

cheese pizza was worth it

then little bo peep came

wandering by seeking her

little lost sheep

i m losing some sheep

myself i muttered to no

one in particular

can you people leave and

let me get some sleep

who s the grouch says

captain hook i don t

remember a mouse in

our fairy book

mousie did someone say

mousie says the stickhorse


go away you figments of

disillusionment can t you see

i need my sleep - god please

send them away without so

much as a whimper or a peep

and with that they disappeared

without a bleep - but then so

did my field of cheese boss

oh well you know what they

say swiss cheese easily gained

often leaves you with swiss

holes and gas pains - or

something like that

at any rate boss i m glad my

nightmare had to do with

fairy tale characters

i m not sure i could handle

goliath or jonah s whale or

any other biblical monsters

at this stage in my youthful

mousy christian walk

but boss it s sure nice to be

able to call on god when

froggie creatures sing and

ride across your dreams

in the night


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