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Letters to the editor — Oct. 15

View of potential health hazards interesting

I find all the excitement and headlines stating the dread of Ebola rather interesting. Only one person has died from the disease in the U.S.

Everyone seems on the edge of panic at the possibility of a outbreak.

A serious worry, no doubt; but where’s the concern for the 350,000-plus people who die from another health issue each year in just the U.S.?

How did they die and what unspoken “plague” is upon us?

Just smoking, that’s all. The deaths from heart and lung disease caused by smoking rarely receives any press coverage.

Interesting how we Americans view potential health hazards.

Keith Ingram


New streets worth compliments

I am disturbed by the numerous negative comments about our new streets in Portales.

Have some of us already forgotten the bone-jarring chug holes while driving on First and Second streets? City crews struggled to fill them frequently only to see them return and be even worse after a rain or snow storm. Especially bad were the intersections of First and Main and Second and Main. To put it mildly, they were awful.

Now, driving on these locations, one can enjoy a completely smooth drive. I for one compliment the construction crews for an outstanding job well done.

William Smith