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Not from Texas, but close enough

Years ago when I used to fly back and forth across the Pacific, I sometimes had the good fortune to get bumped up to first class. That was back in the early days of frequent-flyer programs when I might have been one of the few people on board with an account. It would never happen now.

But those were the good old days, and I remember one 10- hour flight when they kept trying to serve me champagne along with ice cream sandwiches and anything else my heart desired. After my third or fourth champagne refusal, opting for tea instead, the nice young man asked me if I was from Texas.

Since I don’t have much of a twang, I asked him if it was my accent, or the request for tea that made him ask. Indeed, he had once visited Texas and would never forget how they had huge glasses in the restaurants, and everyone got plenty of refills. I laughed and told him I was from New Mexico. Close enough.

I’ve wondered if the term teetotaler could have anything to do with tea. It doesn’t. Next week I’ll share my research results of how that word came about.

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