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Pages past — Oct. 8

On this date …

1977: Bill Welsh, 23, of Portales won the Third Annual Clovis Marathon — for the third time. His time was 2:43.23. George Linn of Santa Fe finished second, 28 seconds behind Welsh. Jeff Collins of Cannon Air Force Base was third in 2:51.09.

1964: The book “A Texan Looks at Lyndon,” was ordered removed from all Southern Baptist book stores. Baptist officials said the book, which accused President Lyndon Johnson of wide-spread dishonesty, is “totally out of place in a Christian book store.”

1952: Three of four matches in the Industrial Bowling League at the Playmore Alleys ended in standoffs. Six of the eight clubs won two points each, while in the fourth match Campbell’s Dairy grabbed three of four points from Clovis Printing Co. to vault over the printers into a tie for fourth place. All the other teams remained in their same positions. Bob Murphy had a 571 series, with a 213 high game, to lead Campbell’s team to victory.

In the funny pages …

1968: A world-famous hockey player picked up the puck near the blue line and fired a shot the goalie never even saw. “They’re not sleeping well in Montreal tonight,” Snoopy declared.

In national news …

1968: The St. Louis Cardinals led the Detroit Tigers three games to two in the World Series. The hot topic on an off day was whether Lou Brock touched home plate in a collision with Bill Freehan during Game 5. Brock said he did touch the plate and said an instant replay on TV backed him up. Freehan said Brock missed the plate, and the umpire backed him up. Brock was out. The run would have given St. Louis a 4-2 lead. Instead, Freehan’s Tigers avoided elimination, winning Game 5, 5-3.

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