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Keep neighbors at a distance

link Grant McGee

Local columnist

There's a rent-house across the street from The Stucco Hacienda. Folks come and go. Some people stay a long time, some stay for a month or two. It's just typical stuff when you live across the street from a rent-house.

A U-Haul was backed up to the garage of the rent-house the other day and I watched as a mom and dad and five little ones scrambled out and off-loaded their worldly possessions into their new home.

The next morning as I made a pot of tea for The Lady of the House, I watched the new family mill about in their front yard.

“I think I'll go over and introduce myself to the new neighbors,” I said as I brought The Lady of the House her tea.

“No, you will not go over and introduce yourself to the new neighbors,” said The Lady of the House.

“Well that's kind of rude,” I said.

“You don't make friends of your neighbors,” she said. “You keep your friends across town.”

“What?” I asked. This was a new concept to me.

“That way when your friendship gets a little uncomfortable, and it always does, then you're not on each other's doorstep,” said The Lady of the House.

“But,” I stammered.

“Don't you like your privacy?” she asked. “Don't you like your mid-day naps?”

“Sure, but…”

“Do you want folks thinking you have an open door policy? Even during your mid-day naps?”

“Well, no…” I said. “But when I was a kid….”

“It's very nice I'm married to The Last Boy Scout,” said The Lady of the House, “But we're old farts now and we like our privacy. You can be neighborly, you don't need to be overly friendly. You can just give a friendly wave from your doorstep.”

I raised my eyebrows and scrunched up my mouth.

The Lady of the House's philosophy on neighbors made sense, like everything she says.

Grant McGee is a long-time broadcaster and former truck driver who rides bicycles and likes to talk about his many adventures on the road of life. Contact him at his blog: