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High speed chase leads to multiple charges

Staff report

A man accused of leading State Police on a high speed chase through residential Clovis faces seven felony and six misdemeanor charges.

Joseph Foster, 34, blew several stop signs and a flashing red light at Manana and Thornton streets during the estimated three-minute chase early Wednesday before crashing his car through a backyard fence near Sandia and Manana, according to a state police report.

Patrolman Kylie Lowe said at 2:16 a.m. he spotted Foster near Fifth and Ross and attempted to stop him for a seatbelt violation. Lowe said Foster took off at a high rate of speed, running several stop signs while sparks shot out from under his car as he hit each dip in the intersections.

Lowe said the pursuit continued to 21st Street, where Foster turned west and raced through several residential streets and blew the red light at Manana and Thornton.

Foster’s car clipped a gas meter in the alley between Manana and Sandia, causing Foster to lose control and smash through a wooden fence and a metal fence at two separate homes, according to Lowe’s report.

Lowe said the crash trapped Foster inside the car, where he crawled into the back seat and attempted to flee. Lowe said he pulled his sidearm and ordered Foster to show his hands. The officer then got Foster out of the car by smashing the driver’s side window, according to the report.Lowe said Foster later tested positive for methamphetamine. Foster was treated at Plains Regional Medical Center for minor injuries and booked into Curry County jail on the 13 charges.

The felony charges include possession of a controlled substance, fleeing law enforcement and five counts of criminal damage to property. The misdemeanor charges include aggravated DWI, reckless driving, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving while his license was revoked, no driver’s license in his possession and not wearing a seat belt.

Foster faces a hearing on the charges Thursday in Magistrate Court.