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Going to avoid typing myself into another movie wager

“How,” I asked myself, “did I type my way into this one?”

I went to the ends of the earth, bottles and candy bar in the passenger seat, wondering that very question. Answer: That’s what happens when you wager with your sister.

Well, Holly’s not really my sister, and 12 miles of Interstate 40 doesn’t comprise the ends of the earth, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The story goes back to July, when my friend Kim and I decided to make a trip to Lubbock for a mid-afternoon showing of “A Hard Day’s Night.” We weren’t going for the movie so much, but more to check out the new Alamo Drafthouse theater.

But it was that movie that led me to this errand in Albuquerque. During the film, which proved The Beatles were a lot funnier than I thought, and much more aware of how ridiculous the whole idea of celebrity was.

“No current group could get away with the kind of movies the Beatles made,” I told Kim. “Most movies now are play-it-safe features with tightly-edited concert footage and about 30 minutes of interviews spliced in to give the appearance of a story.”

Consider the following movie pitches:

• Maroon 5 drummer Matt Flynn is targeted as the sacrifice of a cult, and it’s up to his bandmates to save him.

• A group of magicians target a mystery tour, with the members of Kings of Leon aboard.

• In an animated feature, members of OK Go protect a deep-sea community from a race of mountain people that hate music.

Can you imagine the ridicule these bands would receive for making these movies? All three were made by the Beatles. Again, you can’t make these movies anymore.

“Well, there is ‘Spice World,’” Kim said.

So I searched far and wide. Nobody had a copy I could borrow, and I didn’t find it stocked at movie rental bins for some reason.

But lo and behold, it was available as a streaming title a few weeks ago. While watching the first half-hour, as it was all I could tolerate, I posted on Facebook, “A candy bar ... no, a six-pack and a candy bar, to whoever can guess what movie I’m watching.”

Musical comedy was the only hint ... and in six minutes, Holly guessed I would be watching something from the 90s, so “Spice World” perhaps?

Holly’s older sister was the sister I never had. And that meant her sisters became my sisters. I went to Holly’s wedding two years ago and jokingly threatened her new husband. We’ve discussed our favorite “How I Met Your Mother” episodes.

But we’d gone too far, because she knows me too well. And now I know promising six bottles of her favorite stout beverage and a candy bar runs about $32. But I also know the satisfaction of following through on a wager, win or lose, is priceless. And I know that the family you have by choice is just as meaningful as the one who’s there by birth.

And I know to never type my way into a movie wager again.

Kevin Wilson is a columnist for Clovis Media Inc. He can be contacted at 575-763-3431, ext. 318, or by email:

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